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Integrating Civics Educations into Liberal Studie - Essay Example

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This subject was introduced in 2009 in Hong Kong. The first candidate for this subject sat for the public exams in 2012. The purpose for its introduction in Hong Kong schools was…
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Integrating Civics Educations into Liberal Studie
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Extract of sample "Integrating Civics Educations into Liberal Studie"

Download file to see previous pages In this subject are elements of humanities, science and liberal arts, which serves to help learners have a broad outlook after completing their senior secondary level studies. Some of the areas of study in this subject include self and personal development, personal identity, and preparing for adulthood, role of an individual and society, conflict resolution and interpersonal relationship, economic restructuring, the rule of law and participation in society and politics, and finally the general quality of life (Chan, and Sin, 2005).
Likewise, the curriculum development council has proposed that civic education be also introduced in both elementary and secondary schools. In the past, civic education has never been made a complete and independent subject in Hong Kong. However, recently, civic education has been strengthened, and is embedded in other subjects such as history and Chinese among others. The major aim for this subject is to strengthen learners positive attitudes and values, develop good civic and personal qualities and also create an individual vision in committing and contributing to one’s country, family and the world. The general concepts, points and evaluation mode are very powerful and strict. It has been argued that integrating this subject to liberal studies will facilitate the achievement of the goal of a making a balanced and well-rounded person, rather than making it an independent subject (China Daily, Jun 1 2011 8:42).
The purpose of introducing liberal studies in China’s New Secondary Curriculum is to broaden the student’s knowledge base as well as enhance their social awareness through studying a wide range of issues. The module in the curriculum focuses on the themes, which are of significance to the society, students and the world in general. These are designed in such a way that students are enabled to make connections across various fields of knowledge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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