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Failed states - Case Study Example

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It may seem that I am making a meal of the two terms; however, if you look at the definitions of the words failed and weak, they do quite differ. Many states that are considered failed are actually weak. There are many differences in the two. For instance, "failed states are extremely difficult to reconstitute" according to Robb…
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Failed states
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Extract of sample "Failed states"

Download file to see previous pages political goods' for its citizens (nil capacity)'Sovereign territorial state that is no
longer sovereign in areas that it claims to rule'Claimants to rule fail to exercise
clear priority over other groups in territories".
No laws, violence throughout, the disappearance of law, education,
healthcare, and border control, and political conflicts are ways that we typically
measure state failure. Central state authority does not exist, or has failed, for
years. "State failure is a new label that encompasses a range of severe political
conflicts and regime crises exemplified by macro-societal events such as those
Failed States 4
that occurred in Somalia, Bosnia, Liberia, and Democratic Republic of Congo
(Zaire) in the 1990s ("Rebuilding Failed & Defeated States, n.d.).
Other factors that are included in the measurement of a failed state are
civil conflicts, conflicts amongst other countries, high infant deaths, types of
regime, quality of life, material possessions/things, low trade, and the well being
of its citizens.
After analyzing the literature, it seems that the centre of the definition of a
failed state is a failing internal structure. Having looked in the dictionary and the
encylycopaedia, the meaning for failed states is not clear. Whilst there are many
opinions, definitions, and literature on the topic, the definition and causes of a
failed state cannot be so clearly stated or defined. It is rather complex.
Grant (2004) declares, "'The predicate question-what is a 'failed
state''-by no means lends itself to an easy answer. Like many questions
involving statehood and international relations, the question of the failed state
becomes more complicated the further one moves from the...
This would be akin to a focus on WW2's endgame (Hiroshima) while ignoring everything that went on between 1939 and 1945. Failed states provide unrestricted training grounds for multiple global guerrilla groups. They offer numerous financial opportunities (for example, half of Afghanistan's GDP is opium -- in contrast to the anti-drug Taliban). Global guerrillas are unbounded by rogue state policies and are free to innovate. Internal violence can accelerate recruitment and the development of tactical innovations. Unrestricted borders allow global guerrillas to
infiltrate adjacent states (and given ubiquitous air transportation, everywhere in the world). Failed states will provide the perfect platforms for the destabilization of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt.
Failed states have simply done just that, which is failed. They have proven not to be successful, have proven to be sufficient and lacking, and have declined. Many so-called failed states have not met this description and have not
Weak states have these, or some of these in place but are simply that-weak. They have not proven failure and lack of success. It is not done and finished with weak states. Therefore, if you really look at "failed" states, they are
actually weakened. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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