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Experience education at Babson College - Scholarship Essay Example

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This essay describes experience education at Babson College. My objective is not only to get an internationally respected college education from Babson. My mission is to spread the educational, philanthropic, and global aspirations of the college throughout the world…
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Experience education at Babson College
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"Experience education at Babson College"

Download file to see previous pages Coming to the United States from Egypt after the Arab Spring has given me a new outlook in life pertaining to the business community of the Middle East that I have become quite passionate about. While the whole world seems to look at the Middle East, Egypt in particular as a civil war waiting to happen, what I see is a country that is on the verge of a new beginning. With that new beginning comes new opportunities in the business world that one must learn to recognize and utilize in its infancy in order to be ahead of the pack once the economy of Egypt begins to pick up again. I am particularly interested in the way the business sector can help to stabilize the Egyptian currency in the future. Without a stable currency, economic recovery and growth for the country will be next to impossible. Therefore, I have began to envision and predict the kind of economic policies that the Egyptian government might wish to implement in the future. I chose to envision something that has not happened yet because economic policies are developed over time through the cooperation of the business sector, actuarians, and various economic professionals whose sole concentration is the prediction of future economic trends. These are the people who become the business movers and shakers of the future. I wish to become one of those people. My passion is to learn all that I can about how to predict these business trends and how to best get on the ground floor with the business plan in order to ensure future success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Experience Education at Babson College Scholarship Essay.
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