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Research skills - Coursework Example

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The higher education level is an important stage of a person’s educational path because this is the stage, an individual gets to specialise in any particular field he/she is interested after discovering his/her strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this is a vocational training…
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Research skills
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Extract of sample "Research skills"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, it is imperative to note that, the masters’ level of learning is quite different from the predominant undergraduate studies since it is entirely research-based with a few class sessions with tutors.
Thus, this provides an environment in which students need to uphold high integrity levels to be able to achieve the learning outcomes required by the end of each course, to complete the entire programme successfully. Maritime and Logistics courses are basically experience-based courses in which more experimental learning is desired as opposed to classroom learning. Therefore, it involves more of out of class sessions in which problems under discussion are encountered in the field at first-hand experience before problem solving techniques are applied to help students come up with the required skills in order to fulfil the learning outcomes (Chavan, 2011). Thus, it is not naturally easy for every student who has enrolled in this particular programme to find it easy; some students encounter a lot of challenges in tackling this course primarily due to some factors affecting them, which range from the new environment in the university to the mode of learning (Barman, Hébert and Mccaskill, 2006).
Before enrolling in any particular course, one needs to possess a number of competencies to fulfil course requirements. The author in line with obtaining a Masters in Maritime Operations, had a number of competencies that made him an ideal candidate to be granted a chance by the university to pursue the course (University of Nottingham, 2014). Rational thinking is one of the most sought after skill in any professional course because students who possess the ability will be able to solve complex problems on their own without much supervision from instructors (Chisholm, 2005). The masters’ level of education is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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