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Student Plan - Research Paper Example

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Student Purpose Plan By Name Institution Course Course Instructor Date Introduction People engage in different activities or take on various actions with a purpose. Before engaging in an important activity, it is essential that a person plans how he or she will execute the activity or action…
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Student Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, in order to achieve my goals in each course unit and overall academics, I have to come up with a plan on how I will go about it in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Nonetheless, this paper is a purpose plan that will explore the goals that I have as far as my academics and profession is concerned. As a learner, I desire to achieve academic excellence, however, this narrows down to various aspects. In addition, as a professional, I desire to perform well in my profession, and experience a higher level of satisfaction. Nonetheless, this paper will address these issues in a more specific manner. Furthermore, this will be discussed in relation to this course, including the knowledge I have gained, and how this influences positively to my career and my level of knowledge. As an individual in the teaching profession, I consider a purpose plan important for my teaching practice. The reason I came up with the idea of a purpose plan is to help me enhance my profession, including my performance. I realized that I needed some sort of a direction to guide me through the journey to the achievement of my professional goals. Another factor that contributed to my development of a purpose plan is the desire to achieve academic excellence. ...
Mainly, I have a purpose of improving my teaching methods. This will help me to ensure positive results in my learners, as well as in myself, especially with regard to performance and job satisfaction. With regard to my academics, I also have a purpose of ensuring positive outcome, thus excellent results. This therefore, includes an aim for high scores in this course unit, as well as the others. Apart from the excellent performance in academics, I also have a purpose of ensuring that I have learnt and mastered major skills that are related to academics. This mainly includes research, writing skills, communication skills, and report writing skill, among many others. Although I have learnt these skills, I have a purpose of ensuring that I have perfected in them. Professional Development Specifically, with regard to my professional development, I wish to accumulate different skills and a wide body of knowledge. According to Riley (2010), wide knowledge enables one to solve various challenging situations that they experience in their profession. Nonetheless, through the study topics I have tackled in this course, I purpose to ensure professional development by attaining the advanced knowledge, values, and skills, which are all paramount for the development and advancement of my career. I also purpose to experience professional development through this course by gaining the skill of teamwork. With teamwork, I will be able to work effectively on collaborative tasks with my colleagues. In this course, I have had the opportunity to meet different people with whom I have worked and interacted with. Therefore, I should learn this and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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