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The 10 Key Operational Areas At dominoes - Research Paper Example

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Kindly find the detailed part of the report you commissioned to kick off on 11th May, 2014 on the research based on dominos Pizza Company located in Saudi Arabia. It is prudent for me to note the following findings of the report:
That Dominos Pizza Company incorporates Dominos…
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The 10 Key Operational Areas At dominoes
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Extract of sample "The 10 Key Operational Areas At dominoes"

Download file to see previous pages All their food and services are of quality by the fact that their employees are regularly trained to offer best services (Bized, 2010).
Based of the findings, it should be noted that the senior managing director of Dominos pizza in Saudi Arabia was out of reach during the interview. However, I would like to acknowledge the assistance offered to us by the team members and some of the top managers of the company who allowed us to interview them.
Finally, my warm gratitude’s is to you for allowing me to explore much by researching Dominos pizza company and familiarizing myself with exceptional business strategies the company used to grow. This has enhanced my research skills that will be much valuable in other future projects.
Domino’s Pizza Company of Saudi Arabia was initially founded in the year 1960 as part of the international Domino pizza group (Bized, 2010). This company is also known to be the world leader in pizza deliveries and the company operates a network of company-owned and Franchise-owned stores in Saudi Arabia (Bized, 2010). In the larger Saudi Arabia, it is absolutely sure that Domino is the most trusted and widely know leading pizza delivery. This is because; the company main objective is to ensure they are perfectly dedicated to the best services, quality production and excellent deliveries (Bized, 2010).
The company is flowing on a chain of success having being built by quality services which is customer centered and effective deliveries services they offer. Notable to mention is the fact that over 1000000 people globally enjoy Domino’s pizza on daily basis by the virtue that the company holds over 10000 stores in more than 60 countries on earth (Bized, 2010). This means that the company is well established and their brand is also perfectly recognized internationally. The driving power of Domino’s Pizza Company based in Saudi Arabia is the dedication and single minded focus towards producing the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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