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How Does the UK and US Fast Food Industry Represent Globalisation, Gender, Healthy Lifestyle - Dissertation Example

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Running Head: Fast Food Industry & Globalisation Fast Food Industry & Globalisation Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 5 Fast Food Industry Trends 6 Introduction to McDonald’s and Domino Pizza 8 Extensive Research on this Field 10 Relation of Health to Fast Food Industry 11 Problems Occurred from Fast Food 14 Effects of Fast Food Advertisements on Eating Behaviours in a Broad-Spectrum 17 Fast Food Industry and Globalisation 19 Representation of Globalisation through Fast Food Television Commercials 19 Representation of Globalisation through Fast Food Print Media Advertisements 22 Fast Food Industry and Gender/Identity 27 Representation …
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How Does the UK and US Fast Food Industry Represent Globalisation, Gender, Healthy Lifestyle
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"How Does the UK and US Fast Food Industry Represent Globalisation, Gender, Healthy Lifestyle"

Download file to see previous pages century, where globalisation has transformed almost all the facets of the world and has created a universal raised area for all. Fast food industry is growing at a marvelous and remarkable speed with their immense advertising campaign all over the globe. Since the people are moving ahead at a phenomenal pace, therefore, they do not have much options left to have well-prepared and cooked meals. In addition, the traditional concepts of having meals with the entire family as a part of the traditional culture are also shifting, which has emerged and augmented the concept of quick service restaurants that are even renown as fast food restaurants. Numerous studies and researches have come under performances to identify and get familiar with the trends of the fast food industries. The trends vary from country to country due to the cultural differences the people of different nations have their own set of norms, customs and values, which they follow. The overall trend of the fast food industry speaks that during the last few decades the demand for the fast foods is increasing at a rampant pace. Nevertheless, the increasing health awareness have caused many legal actions and cases against these fast food restaurants and this negative publicity has made a radical impact on to the sales of the fast foods in many parts of the word. Dominos Pizza and McDonalds are amongst the fast food restaurants that has emerged into giants and leading chain of restaurants that reach the consumers all over the world. The consequences various studies provide the piece of evidence of eating fast foods regularly are leading to numerous health enormities and this subject of matter is a growing concern in the modern times. Health problems that include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems are the top-rated diseases that arise due to obesity. Obesity has been one of the most common and widespread problems that have come under experience especially amongst the young generations due to eating of fast foods. The investigation and the analysis have come to the conclusion that fast foods have a deficiency in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates due to the reason that these foods are full of bad fats, contains high amount of salt and other preservatives, which results in obesity and other lethal diseases. However, the outcomes of many of the studies also reveals the truth that fast food industry spends a huge amount of their capital in the investments for their promotional campaigns in order to draw the attention of as many customers as possible towards the eating of the fast foods. The most popular forms of advertisements used by them are the print ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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