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Benfits of online classes - Essay Example

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With the recent developments in technology, most people are using the Internet for educative purposes because it offers learning opportunities that suit their needs. Currently, most institutions of higher learning are…
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Benfits of online classes
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Download file to see previous pages To that effect, the paper will discuss the benefits of acquiring education online.
The major benefit of attending online classes is convenience and flexibility (Tomei, 2010). One listens to lectures and completes the assignments at their own schedules. This is helpful for the professionals and working students because they are able to balance their class work, family responsibilities, and personal activities. The classrooms can also be difficult for those students who struggle with concentration. One can also sit comfortably anywhere while attending the online classes. The course materials also available online enhancing the flexibility and convenience. Therefore, the convenience and flexibility of Internet-conducted classes has continued to draw more students. However, flexibility and convenience comes with a high level of discipline and organization.
Equally important, learning by use of the Internet has resulted in reduction of learning costs. Most of the online programs are more affordable as compared to the traditional courses. For example, there are no commuting costs, accommodation costs, and most of the course materials are often found online free of charge. Additionally, assorted costs like parking, fuel, and motor vehicle maintenance costs do not impact on the web-based learners (Tomei, 2010). As a result, the learner is able to save money that may be used for expensive workbooks as well as texts. The affordability of attending online classes may result in more people getting access to education, thus increasing the literacy levels.
Proceeding further, Tomei (2010) argues that online classes enhance the opportunities to network. The Internet provides a platform where the student can interact with numerous other students across the globe. This gives them the opportunity to discuss their work and make connections with these students regardless of their location. At the same time, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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