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Developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) is a teaching approach that is grounded in research on the developmental patterns of young children and their learning and about the knowledge and information surrounding the effective early education. The framework of DAP is designed…
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Download file to see previous pages Learning is individual in a group setting. The Kids’ Choice Academy (KCA) provides the children with ample opportunities to play outdoors where there is sunlight and fresh air. Outdoor activities nurturing the physique of the children is no less important than the indoor education and exercises of the mind, so there should be equal emphasis on both in an ideal school for children. The classrooms are capacious, well-lit with natural sunlight, and have plenty of practical exercises and activities that are very interesting, engaging, and constructive for the children. At Bambini Creativi, there is enough space to dedicate particular portions to specific activities; art studio, water exploration, and food investigation lab to name a few. Of the three institutions, Bambini Creativi is the best for children because it tends to provide children with insight into different sorts of professions at a very preliminary stage so that they start developing skills in the field of their interest right from the start. The other two schools are also good but Bambini Creativi takes the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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