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Intrinsic Reward of Teaching - Essay Example

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This paper, Intrinsic Reward of Teaching, outlines that research focuses keenly on both group-based and individual-based reward systems for teachers based on performance. It compares the merits and demerits of these reward systems and seeks to conclude whether or not they serve to motivate teachers…
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Intrinsic Reward of Teaching
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"Intrinsic Reward of Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages Performance-based teacher rewards fall into two categories: group-based and individual based. The criteria for determining performance are student performance and teacher skills or knowledge. The rewards are monetary. They aim towards motivating teachers and thus increasing student performance. However, non-supporters of these schemes argue that intrinsic rewards such as improved student performance motivate teachers hence these rewards are unnecessary. Disadvantages of the program come out as poor implementation, expensive, political difficulties and reduced cooperation among teachers. However, in conclusion, the writer leans towards siding with the implementation of these reward programs and especially advocating for group-based rewards systems instead of individual-based performance rewards.
It is agreeable that performance-based reward programs display considerable advantages to the education system. The target of any education systems is ensuring optimum performance among students. Teachers contribute greatly to this performance and therefore a system of motivating teachers is in place. The salary scale rewards teachers based on experience and degrees with little consideration of their performance. By rewarding performance, good teachers get recognition as non-performing teachers face the challenge of improving their efforts. This is positive competition all aimed at improving student performance.
Performance reward systems also promote good school administration. School principals and the board have no choice but to deeply evaluate their teachers based on performance. This way, they pay attention to the quality of the teachers and learn about the mistakes made. This aims towards ensuring better student performance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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