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Occupational Analysis of a High School History Teacher - Research Paper Example

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Occupational Analysis of a High School History Teacher Date Over time and in the course of history, different occupations have come up from the daily evolving world. However, one of the oldest and most reputable occupations present in the contemporary society is teaching…
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Occupational Analysis of a High School History Teacher
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Download file to see previous pages Understanding the social organization of the teaching occupation is imperative for the identification of rewarding strategies of an organization. The first step that I took in the identification of the rewarding habits in the academic organization was to conduct interviews. These were important in that personal contact with the people under review would help in further understanding of the issue. My first interview that I carried out was with a given history teacher, Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was very friendly as he was able to tell me his most important value in life. Mr. Johnson had been in the job for the past 30 years and thus had observed the changes that had hit the teaching sector. He told me that watching as his students passed in the subject was a priceless feeling that he held on to each day that he went to work. He however told me that despite this being the most important feeling to him, the issue of the economy had brought a large toll on the academic fraternity and thus the importance of increased funds in an effort to keep up with the changing conditions. I was able to observe the teaching criteria that went along in his institution. The teacher had a very clear schedule in which he had different classes to attend during the day and had set up a timetable behind his major notebook. This he told me was important to save time that other teachers spent going to the staffroom and checking their timetables. He always had his notebook with him that was helpful in case he was going from one grade class to another. When I was around, the teacher went to a staff meeting where he later on told me that they had discussed the various means through which they would make teaching more habitable. The second interview that I carried out was with a teacher of the same subject in a different school. The teacher went by the name Miss Annah. Similar to the sentiments of the teacher on focus, she told me that her greatest reward in life would be the success of her students. This however, I did not find satisfying because she did not mention the need for funds that I find rather important to almost everyone in any given occupation. I did a comparative study between the two teachers and turns out most of their other reward mechanisms are similar. However, I sought to follow in the character of the first teacher I interviewed. In understanding the concept of the teaching practice concerning rewarding teachers, it is important to go through the history of academic life1. Schools in the country started opening up very early paving way for children to attend and gain knowledge that was to assist them lead a better life. However, in the former days, organizations to advocate for the rights of the teachers were few. This has become one of the greatest changes in the 21st century. Regarding the issue of raises, teachers always portrayed a sense of discomfort because the payments were not reviewed as often as they were supposed to. The existing unions in the early days did not exercise as much freedom as they have today. This generation has had changes in terms of freedom, enlightenment and civilization. These have been key factors that have had numerous rubrics set in place by the academic organization in an effort to reward the hard work of the teachers. Enlightenment has made the organization realize that with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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