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Community Involvement Program - Essay Example

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The essay "Community Involvement Program" describes that Northwestern university has several programs within their community involvement program that provides students with local and international opportunities. The Applied Medical Society provides events targeting students with interest in healthcare provision…
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Community Involvement Program
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Extract of sample "Community Involvement Program"

Community Involvement Program
Community Academy Public Charter Schools (CAPCS) and Northwestern University have implemented community involvement programs as part of the learning process. CAPCS incorporates parent involvement in teaching young children at the elementary level. The Amos 3 campus at CAPCS provides early childhood programs that give children a firm academic career foundation (CAPCS, 1). The program focuses on basic concepts of math and reading as part of educational introduction. Social development, respect, good behavior, and passion for learning are promoted at the campus. Parents team up with teachers and administrator to assist the development process. CAPCS has been successful by concentrating on science and technology to emphasis hand-on problem solving skills. Children learn critical thinking and problem solving and acquire basic knowledge required in all academic fields. This has been instrumental in preparing children academically and socially before venturing into secondary school, which has led to successful academicians from Amos 3 campus (CAPCS, 2).
Northwestern university has several programs within their community involvement program that provides students with local and international opportunities. The Applied Medical Society provides events targeting students with interest in healthcare provision. Participants learn basic skills such as CPR in these events (NU, 1). Campus kitchens employ volunteer students who learn the process of recycling un-served food into nutritious meals for seniors, community organizations, and youth programs. Graduates and undergraduates also participate in exchange and capacity building programs with cohorts from over 50 universities in over 40 countries. These workshops provide mentorship and prepare students for career opportunities. Most activities are centered on students and there is little participation from parents. The program prepares students for career ventures and student organizations within the campus have been instrumental in the success of the community involvement program.
Works cited
CAPCS. Ernest and Virginia Amos Campus (Amos 3). 11 February 2013.
Northwestern University (NU). Campus/Community Involvement. 11 February 2013. Read More
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