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Drug Prevention Programs of Today - Research Paper Example

Still, drug prevention programs are helpful to reduce the influence of harmful drugs among the youngsters. Thesis statement: Within the context of drug prevention in USA, the programs which focus upon individuals in the fight against drug abuse are not successful, but the programs which co-ordinates schools, parents and community in the fight against drug abuse proves to be successful to an extent. Various drug prevention programs utilized today Strengthening Families Program For Parents and Youth, 10–14: One can see that this drug prevention program aims to provide guidance to the parents on managing their children, communicate with their children and to provide academic support to their children. Besides, this program helps the parents to be active participants in the fight against drugs in America. The Adolescent Transitions Program: This is a unique drug prevention program which aims to reduce/prevent the influence of drugs among the adolescents. On the other side, The Family Check Up level of this program is helpful to assess the problems faced by the families. At the same time, the families which face the problem of drug addiction are assisted with due care and attention. For instance, coaching classes and therapeutic care is provided to the members of the families which face the problem of drug addiction. Project Towards No Drug Abuse: This program is formulated to provide help to the students who are undergoing high school education. One can easily identify that high school period

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Crime prevention programs
Also, there are other crime prevention programs that tend to prevent gang crime. Such crime prevention programs make use of well defined strategies that adequately estimate and realize the potential ways in which the juveniles may commit crime both on an individual level and in the form of a gang.
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Effects of Cocaine Abuse, its Prevention and Treatment
Cocaine is also called coke, rock, snow, toot, blow, dust, nose candy, line, sneeze, powder, liquid lady, white pony, flake, C, the lady and crack. Most of these names come from the way they are used or the way they are prepared. Today, cocaine is a Schedule II drug which means that it has high potential for abuse, but can be administered by a doctor for legitimate medical uses as a local anesthetic for some eye, ear and throat surgeries (Psychology Today, 2008).
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Drug Violence in Mexico
The country has a rich history of ancient cultures, including the Azetcs, Mayans, and Olmecs, and just like the United States has a democratic government with an elected president. However, lurking under the beautiful cultural history of Mexico and its obvious benefits in being a trade partner for the United States due to the shared borders is a deadly problem: the violence in Mexico due to the drug cartels.
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Drug Treatment in Prison System
Drug abuse treatment involves the psychotherapeutic intervention that endeavors to reduce the dependence on psychoactive drugs. Drug abuse treatment within a prison system also deals with challenges associated with closed systems and resultant risky behaviors that may lead to contraction of HIV and other blood borne infections.
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Mentoring programs
According to the statistics provided by the MENTOR/ National Mentoring Partnership, currently 3 million youth in the USA participate in formal, structured monitoring programs (MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, 2003), provided by not-for-profit organizations, corporations, and legislative initiatives at state and nation level.
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Police Corruption: Drug Trafficking
An analysis of the factors would be undertaken to determine why police officers are more susceptible to the commission of drug trafficking crimes. The history and evolution of the emergence of police force could be traced in the mid-19th
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Why drug testing should not be allowed in schools
It is therefore much better to think through to all the possible consequences and implications if such a policy becomes adopted officially. This brief paper takes the viewpoint that drug testing should not be
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Returning home from Vietnam and programs that are in place today
In terms of money, United Stated government lost 138.9 billion dollars. The negative effects of the war went beyond loss of lives and money. The American citizens lost trust with their government. In addition, there was loss of morals within the U.S. armed
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Teen Prevention Programs Teen Prevention of Sex
The SHARE program is a programme in which students engage actively in groups through role playing, interactive video programs and have access to
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Impact of Educational and Drug Prevention Programs

This article looks at the impact that Educational and Drug Prevention Programs have had on the intended recipients and how they have been of aid to the affected communities. It explains the meaning and importance of Community Policing and the factors surrounding it and the role of specific deterrence in the rehabilitation process of an individual.

5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
is a transitional period in which peer group influence is strong. Within this context, this drug prevention program aims to identify the students who failed to be successful in academic performance and influenced by drugs. One can see that failure in academic performance and drug addiction can lead to behavioral problems among the children. Project STAR: This is one of the most important drug prevention programs, aiming to protect the members of the community from the influence of harmful drugs. Besides, this program seeks help from the community to prevent drug addiction among the youth. This program aims to co-ordinate all the factors which help the authorities to prevent the influence of drugs among the youngsters. Caring School Community Program: This program aims to co-ordinate families and schools to prevent the scope of drug addiction among the elementary school level children. One can see that this program provides ample importance to the relation between elementary schools and the children. Besides, schools play an important role in preparing and strengthening children to keep themselves away from the influence of drugs. Project ALERT: This program aims to prevent drug abuse/addiction among the students in the middle schools. Besides, this program is related to the middle school curriculum. One can easily identify that preventive measures can reduce the influence of drug abuse among the youth. Califano (2009) states that “Every five years, substance abuse and addiction claimed some three million Americans- more people than have died in all our wars and auto accidents combined” (p.11). On the other side, medical treatment for drug abuse is expensive and time consuming. In addition, this program creates awareness on almost all the drugs that are used by the youngsters. Why some programs are successful in fighting drug abuse? The


Drug prevention programs of today Drug abuse is one of the most important problems faced by humanity because it curbs the physical and mental development of the individuals who are under its influence. The most harmful drugs like marijuana, heroin and hashish are produced in the Middle Eastern area of Asia and illegally exported to the West…
Drug Prevention Programs of Today
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