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Text messaging and the positive effects on literature - Essay Example

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This number will hopefully decrease as more of the world has access to cell phones and mobile devices. Furthermore, why are we not using this new technology to…
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Text messaging and the positive effects on literature
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Extract of sample "Text messaging and the positive effects on literature"

Download file to see previous pages Some even stated that they extensively text message on a regular basis. When those young adolescents spoke up regarding the use of cell phones, we were not surprised when they stated that they are using text messages as a primary form of communication between friends and family. According to the Mobile Life Report, 52% of children consider text messaging their number one form of communication with their friends. (Dunstone, 2008) Another factor driving the widespread adoption of cell phone use is parents want their children to carry cell phones for safety reasons. In fact, parents often object to school policies that ban cell phones, staging rallies and threatening lawsuits (Wallace, P., 2011). So with such a wide spread implementation of cell phones being purchased by parents for their children, why is it so hard to understand that children and adults are going to be using mobile devices as a primary form of communication? As you will see in this paper, using cell phones can actually improve the literacy of the users when text messages are the primary source of communication used.
Even though text messaging can cause children and adults to use the abbreviated text spelling, text messaging its the largest form of communication for children and adults alike. Some studies have evidence that suggests that text messaging is positively affecting literacy skills in adults and children around the world.
As many parents and teachers know, keeping an adolescent focused on learning to read is a daunting task. According to the Institute of Education Science, school, districts had total expenditures of approximately $596.6 billion in 2007–08 in the United States. How much of that money goes into programs that are designed to keep young adolescents focused and motivated to learn? Why are the schools not using all the mobile technology at their fingertips? Students enjoy learning as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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