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Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students - Coursework Example

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"Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students" paper dwells on the negative impact of text messages on students and their lives. These effects include the loss of attention in the class as well as home, the addiction to messaging and cell phones, cyberbullying, safety, and health issues…
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Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students
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Extract of sample "Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students"

Download file to see previous pages The world these days is a technological hub identified by the increasing technological advancements and fast-moving life. Everything is happening at once and everyone is doing everything. In today’s world of fast-moving life and advancements, everything has become fast-paced and small.

Text messages are also an invention of the modern and fast-moving world! Text messaging is being used as the most popular form of communication through cell phones (Short Message Service). Text messaging had been considered a blessing and was intended to make life much easier, simpler, and quicker. However, there are many disadvantages and negative effects of text messaging that needs to be highlighted.

Text messaging has ruined a person’s verbal and face to face communication ability. Communication is becoming more and more impersonal these days. It also leads to a lack of concentration towards important chores; people pay less attention to the task at hand and more to their cell phones and messages.

Cell phones have become an important part of a person’s life these days and constant text messaging has become a drug! A person cannot live without these two even for a single minute.

Text messaging and its innovative vocabulary and use of abbreviations have negatively affected the writing skills and grammar of the users.
There are a lot of safety problems and health issues associated with constant texting. It has to lead to a lot of accidents and diseases too.

The most affected age group in this regard is the teenagers and students. Students face almost all the disadvantages of text messaging; they constantly suffer from lack of concentration and attention on their lectures while being busy in messaging during class and instead of listening to and understanding the lectures, the students are most likely typing a message to somebody. Campbell puts forward that although text messaging can be used to organize the students’ school life it has negative effects too like disruptions to lessons, bullying, cheating, etc. (Campbell, 2005) The students and teenagers are the most addicted class, spending one minute without a cell phone and messaging is very difficult for them, making parents and teachers angry and concerned at the same time. Safety issues are also to be considered, too much involvement in reading or typing a message while driving or crossing the road leads to many accidents and statistics prove it! Text messaging is the number one contributor to the extensive use of abbreviations, misspelled words, and slang language. The students are losing their grip on usage, grammar, vocabulary, and spellings. Many health problems are faced by teenagers as a result of constant text messaging, insomnia because of texting and keeping cell phones near the bedside, muscular issues because of constant typing. Lack of attention in the class and at home. 
Because of the availability of cell phones at all times and almost everywhere the teenagers and college students can easily talk to anyone and are able to communicate and connect with the friends as often and as much they want and that as a result leads to them losing concentration in the class and at home. This has become a major problem especially during school, teachers are constantly reminding students that they need to concentrate on studies and listen to the lectures and to put away their phones during class. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students Coursework.
(Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students Coursework)
Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students Coursework.
“Negative Effects of Text Messages on Students Coursework”.
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Terrific work done on the "Negative effects of text messaging on students". I think it is the best text I have seen so far.

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