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Project Proposal (How is text messaging affecting teen literacy) - Research Paper Example

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It does not allow the use of standard grammar. The use of mobile phones is now a daily activity for almost all the individuals across lifespan. Currently, the…
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Research Project Proposal (How is text messaging affecting teen literacy)
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"Project Proposal (How is text messaging affecting teen literacy)"

Download file to see previous pages Very small empirical studies have been conducted on the impacts of text-messaging to the teenagers to determine the validity of this concern. Generally text messaging has proved generate negative responses from the teachers, language experts, and also parents. This has ended up being described as continued mugging of technology to written English (Lee, 2002).
According to (Plester et al., 2009), there exist a positive effect of the use of text-messaging amongst the children. This has not affected their knowledge and performance on standard measures of academic literacy and achievements.
Research done to teenagers and young adults has shown that some negative relationships have been proved to exist text behavior and the use of language skills. However, the use of textese-texting language is associated positively with traditional literacy skills (Kemp, 2010).
The study intends to use both primary and secondary sources of gathering data. The researcher will formulate focus groups of 5-10 teenagers in schools to help in gathering the data. Interviews will also be used to determine individual concerns about the use of this change in technology- the interviews will be conducted orally and using open ended questions that will offer information for analysis. There will be the use of statistical application of programs for the analysis of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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