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Text Set-Literacy Curriculum - Research Paper Example

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With the advancement in teaching methods and usage of research protocols, it has come to understanding that short text usage in the classroom for literacy purpose is the most significant method. It should be noted that short text selection allows students to select stories or…
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Text Set-Literacy Curriculum
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Extract of sample "Text Set-Literacy Curriculum"

Short Text Selection: Text Set-Literacy Curriculum of Short Text Selection: Text Set-Literacy Curriculum
Importance of Short Text Selection:
With the advancement in teaching methods and usage of research protocols, it has come to understanding that short text usage in the classroom for literacy purpose is the most significant method. It should be noted that short text selection allows students to select stories or subject notes about a respective theme by their own choice. In comparison with the older method of undergoing reading of longer novels, short texts are effective and can easily me interpreted by students (Tovani, 2000). With the help of short text, it is easier for educators to incorporate a wide variety of subjects and novels for a respective theme. This leaves no room for ambiguity for students at the same time in understanding the subject matter. It is rather suggested that teachers should undertake activities in class where students will have to select short text as per their choice. However, a limitation is there in this regard i.e. teacher’s obligation for reading each and every story that the students pick as a short text. For this, it can be said that short text is much manageable in reading (Fletcher & Portalupi, 2001). It immediately finishes up in one sitting rather than longer novels that are continued for some days. Looking at the real life examples of reading habits of general public, short text such as tweets, how-to articles, cookbooks, announcements, online forums are read more than longer books. Therefore, there is an avid need of making reading interesting for peers that is possible with the help of short text selection (Cohen, 2008).
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References List
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Text Set-Literacy Curriculum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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