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The Peculiarities of Literacy Education - Essay Example

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This paper "The Peculiarities of Literacy Education" focuses on technology as a source of literacy in the present world, according to David Booth in his book “Reading Doesn’t Matter Any More”, he emphasises the importance of technology as a way of educating students.  …
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The Peculiarities of Literacy Education
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Download file to see previous pages With computer technology text messages and images can move around the screen, produce music and movements, can freeze and navigate images and therefore in this way readers not only adopt the visual image but transform it, in this way, therefore, young people are using computers to construct their own meanings and also adapting to new forms.3
However print text is also important in developing the children's burgeoning development of literacy, there are certain prescribed practices that accompany each type of text, there is a rule that is embedded in each type of text and that the most important thing is to isolate and understand the different practices and the tacit understanding of the children in different subject, hence we must not concentrate purely on the linguistic but also on the multimodal.
Children are dealing with greater network of meaning and the literacy curriculum need to match that in order for them to be set for the future, there is a difference between the literacy's children are learning at home and at the literacy class, this differences must be learnt and explored because children feel the differences between the literacy classes and the plugin technology and therefore there is need to help them accept the different literacy experiences in their lives.
The text children enjoy at home are electronic, therefore the choice of text in the literacy class need to reflect the multimodality seen in websites by the children in order to appeal their reading behaviour, this would include novels, biographies, columns and poems from best writers that enrich the lives of our students. Further, the texts that touch on the emotional and intellect of readers are likely to move them into a greater depth of understanding.
The use of technology, therefore, need to be viewed as the way in which students gain more knowledge and become literate, there is need to incorporate technology and using texts that appeal the reading habits of students, there is also the need to match the differences between the literacy classes and the plug-in technology.
Teachers need to redefine reading in a way that it will embrace the interest and the needs of students, Booth outlined twelve steps in which teachers need to revolutionize the way they encourage children to read and this include; redefining what reading means, including comics and magazines in reading programs, including stories in programs because a story is the heart of literacy, helping the students through building strong reading muscles, valuing the responses of students, viewing writing as literacy, recognising the different stage and ages of students, focusing on literacy in every subject, welcoming young people into literacy culture, exploring how words work, understanding that technology is part of literacy and finally turning printed texts into active learning.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Peculiarities of Literacy Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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