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Dyslexia as a Learning Disorder - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Dyslexia as a Learning Disorder" comments on the problem that makes difficult for children to learn to read. As the text has it, dyslexia can be defined as a learning disability that makes reading difficult for children and adults…
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Dyslexia as a Learning Disorder
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Extract of sample "Dyslexia as a Learning Disorder"

Download file to see previous pages His letter described the case of a boy named Percy who, at age 14, had not yet learned to read, yet he showed normal intelligence and was generally adept at other activities typical of children of that age.
It's evident that such children need some peculiar aide. To prove it I'd like to give an example of my little nephew. Andrew is a very smart boy. At the age of five he was able to accomplish complex mathematical tasks. But he couldn't read and all our forces to teach him reading was in vain. He was absolutely happy when somebody was reading him aloud. It took him ten or five minutes to learn by heart a large poem consisting of twenty lines. So we decided that he was too young to read and at school, this problem would be solved.
But our suppositions have not proved to be correct. Among the children of his lass he was the best in mathematics and the worst in reading. He got bad marks every day and that made him believe to be stupid. His teacher explained to us that he wasn't to identify words and to recognize the sounds that made up words. Having looked into his copybook my aunt saw that he tended to reverse letters and sometimes whole words for example "saw" was written as "was" "b" as "d" etc. Andrew continued to lag behind his peers in reading and writing skills. He hated school because he was always told to be stupid lazy and the worst. Our previously happy boy was close to a nervous breakdown. And we decided to consult a doctor. The dyslexia was diagnosed. Well, let's continue Andrew's story. At the first visit to doctor Brant, his mother was asked about the family's medical and developmental history. Andrew's mother said that her cousin had had the same problem. After that, they were said that after the treatment Andrew would be doing well at school and would have all the chances to make a thoroughly successful career. Andrew's mother was advised to use reading upgrade course and the result was tremendous. Only a month after starting this course my little nephew began to read himself at first syllables and after month and a fortnight he becomes able to read perfectly without missing or reversing letters. But this great success has come to us not only owing to this program. Andrew's relatives were given a special guide aimed to teach parents the right behavior. Nowadays Andrew is a thoroughly successful young man. He's a first-year student of the university; he does very well at the university and doesn't remember about his problems at childhood. He is a real fan of reading. He seems to know everything in the world.
dyslexia is a learning disorder. Its underlying cause is believed to be a brain-based condition that influences the ability to read written language. It is identified in individuals who fail to learn to read in the absence of a verbal or nonverbal intellectual impairment, sensory deficit (e.g., a visual deficit or hearing loss), pervasive developmental deficit or a frank neurological impairment. The following conditions are sometimes confused with dyslexia because they can also lead to difficulty reading:
Auditory Processing Disorder is a condition that affects the ability to encode auditory information. It can lead to problems with auditory working memory and auditory sequencing.
Dyspraxia is a neurological condition characterized by marked difficulty in carrying out routine tasks involving balance, fine-motor control, and kinesthetic coordination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dyslexia As a Learning Disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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