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Literacy Project- Emergent Reading - Research Paper Example

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Part 1: Language Development and Reading Acquisition A component which can be used with language development and reading acquisition is the four blocks reading model. This is designed to help children read and write at beginning phases while ensuring that there is the ability to comprehend the various levels of understanding…
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Literacy Project- Emergent Reading
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Download file to see previous pages This is then able to lead into awareness of phonetics, language, print and words. The four blocks not only works with the four levels to reading and writing, but also implements directions that ensure each child is able to work to discover new areas of language while progressing through kindergarten through the third grade. This ensures that each child has a strong basis for recognizing, understanding and writing what is needed for the language learning (Sigmon, 1997). The main component that is a part of the four blocks plan is based on the struggles which children often have when going through the first stages of reading and writing. The force that is taken to read and write is one of the components that are associated with this, specifically which doesn’t allow different styles of thought processes to be implemented. This has led to the initial stage of learning which is to create a desire for each of the children to learn and be a part of the instruction. The rest of the guide is based on combining each of the necessary steps for reading and writing, specifically so each child has the capability of creating a different approach to early literacy. These combined efforts are then able to guide students into a holistic approach to learning how to read and write (Sigmon, 1997). Part 1.2 Differing Stages of Literacy Development The differing stages of literacy development are devoted to an understanding of the behaviors and cognitive development which a child goes through. Each stage of learning has to coincide with the development of cognition that is approached by each child as well as how these change with the skills created. The literacy development is conducive of the development of oral language, writing and reading. It is known that there are two stages to the development. The first is based on the age of students, specifically which changes the capabilities to understand the cognitive associations with reading and writing as well as the value which this carries. The second is based on the learning styles and diverse concepts, specifically which is associated with Gardner’s eight learning styles. According to constructivist principles, the age and the cognitive diversity need to coincide to assist with literacy development. With the constructivist ideologies, there is a sense of engaging children in the concept of learning how to read and write and tapping into different developmental aspects based on cognition to assist children with the learning required (Many, 2001). Part 1.3: Effective Reading Instruction for Learners from Different Cultural and Linguistic Backgrounds A challenge which is currently in the educational system is based on cultural and linguistic backgrounds which differ. Diverse regions which children come from to English as a second language have developed as a prime subject among educators, specifically because reading, writing and speaking levels differ among children of the same age and at the same cognizant level. A theory which tackles this topic is transculturation, which allows the diverse concepts to be embraced in the classroom. According to this theory, teachers have the capacity of recognizing the diverse backgrounds, noting the differences in how the languages are used grammatically and how this can be a part of the learning for the rest of the class. The transculturation leads to group activities and interaction which compares the cultural and ling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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