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Reading - Essay Example

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Principles of effective teaching Name Institution Date Although reading programs, approaches and skills have somehow changed over the past century, the principles of effecting teaching reading, and the teacher’s role in the classroom has not changed that much (Rogers, 2006)…
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Download file to see previous pages First, the principle of syntax is a linguistic principle that grammatical explains how grammatical processes function primarily on given structures of sentences. This is not applicable in a single word or succession of words since the principle of dependency structure is a rule of universal grammar. In this rule, the principle of structure dependency mandates the applicable languages to incorporate sentences of the language in question in accordance with the structure instead of the sheer order of words. In syntax approach, one is able to examine that certain unified analyses of sentences in a given language can be empirically correct or in order. This means that syntax helps in teaching of reading in that unifications of statements is not per se desirable. In the proposition of linguistics, the syntax’s explanation is the arrangement or the processes through sentences undergo construction in a language (Rogers, 2006). This means is therefore dictated the rules and the principles that govern the sentence structure of that given language in teaching. As a result, effective teaching of reading in any language in the application must adhere to the construction rules of grammar in syntactic approach not merely the arrangement of words. For example, it would be appropriate for a teacher to get right all the constraints that control acceptable word order within any given sentence. This also goes to the dominance of relation like a head noun + a relative clause. The syntactic sequencing of such words dictates that they ought to follow that order hence syntax. In teaching, learners cannot acquire this rule through the hearing of sentences of the language. Alternatively, the rule of syntax imposes itself in whichever language they encounter. This means learners only have to apply these syntactic rules in the languages that they only hear. For example, in English language, learners would reject a statement like ‘for Mary is dog that white’. The syntax rule is wrong even to those who have never encountered it before. It is therefore important to elaborate that structure dependency as a syntactic rule stipulates that it is a principle of knowledge that is built in human minds (Dalton, 2008). This makes it part of the language being learned in teaching of learning, not necessarily English. The semantics principle also features as the principle of compositionality. It is the study of meaning. In its entirety, it focuses on the relation between signifiers like words, phrases, signs, symbols, and what exactly they stand to express in a given sentence (Rogers, 2006). In philosophy of language, semantics helps in elaborating the meaning of a complex expression through its constituent expressions and the applicable rules used. For example, given a structure like ‘ Frankenstein is a man’, if one takes away the meaning lexical items away ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘man’, what remains back in the sentence is a an incomprehensible sentence. Therefore, semantics is a meaningful structure states that the absence of lexical items in syntactic constructions, what remains behind is for the learner to input the rules of composition. The capability to have syntactically correct structures and derive a logical meaning in a statement is what semantics entail in the principle of effective teaching of reading. Therefore, it would be logical to assert that every operation of the syntax closely associates itself with the semantics that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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... music on. The elderly people usually advise the young to be reading when there is no music that is playing in the background. The elderly are considered to be correct because a research was conducted that proved that music usually lowers the speed of writing of a person. That is true because the listening of music and reading or writing will mean that the person doing that is trying to multi task. A multi tasking effort will not be as productive as compared to an event been carried out at a particular time and another at a different time. The efficiency in which an activity is carried can be affected by the multi tasking attempting. The issue of listening to music in the background while reading may be perceived to be a great idea, however...
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Early Childhood Reading Skills Development which fathers can improve their children’s reading skills and why this is vitally important to a child’s learning capacities. It will also illuminate the many obstacles that differing fathers might face in this loving effort. Importance of Father’s Involvement in a Child’s level of literacy Whether children are academically prepared for the first years of school and experience further achievements throughout their school career depends on a variety of factors including their physical well-being, social development, cognitive skills and the way they approach learning. Home experiences and the characteristics of their family involvement contribute to this readiness and successes throughout their schooling. It is...
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The same is the case with human intellect. It receives some inputs which can be called perceiving the stimulus, interprets it in the light of his previous knowledge and experience and then it reacts accordingly and inputs just processed becomes the part of one’s experiences. This is how a person enhances his experience.  There can be a number of sources that stimulate this process of experience enhancement. Two of them, related to dramatics, are reading a drama and a live performance. Obviously, in both the situations, the thinking process in the human being activates upon receiving the stimulus by reading or watching or performing, this stimulus is then interpreted by the brain and then becomes the part of an individua...
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... reader are also identified. The role of a teacher is more important in teaching a child any language skill than that of a parent. Hence some guidelines of how to become a good teacher are also mentioned. The main idea is to inculcate a good reading habit in our younger generation which will help them in future. Drawing on observations of childrens reading behavior at nursery, what makes a successful reader “The acquisition of language is doubtless the greatest intellectual feat anyone of us is ever to perform” (Leonard Bloomfield : introduction to the study of language) Reading is one of the basic skills that children must acquire at an early age. Not being able to read in present times is a great handicap. Some children are natural...
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... of crime: Foucault, criminology, sociology” in Criminological Perspectives: Essential Readings 2nd Edition. Ed by Eugene Mclaughlin, John Munice & Gordon Hughes. London: Sage Publication. Miller, Walter B. (1973). “Ideology and criminal justice policy: Some current issues”, The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol. 64, No 2, pp 141 – 162. Parsloe, Phyllida. (1976). “Social work & the justice model”, British Journal of Social Work, 6:1. Pp 71 – 81. Schwartz, Bary. (1994). “On morals and markets”, Criminal Justice Ethics, Vol. 13, issue 1. Sherman, Lawrence W. (2002). “Trust & confidence in criminal justice”, NIJ Journal, No. 248, pp 22 – 32....
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...s the devil that approaches the man and in standard two he is the same that wants to take the farmer’s wife (“The Devil and the Farmer” verse 1) . Whether she is a brawling woman or not it is not given or explained. Only when the woman is taken to hell does he respond to her adversary. From stanza two the third line the devil points out the woman as the cause of torment in the man’s life an indication that the woman may be having some trouble with the husband (“The Devil and the Farmer”, verse 2). Having been taken to hell she takes on the task of making even hell unbearable forcing the devil to return her back to her husband. In conclusion, the farmer’s wife was a brawler References Cecilia Tichi. Reading country music: the steel...
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...on the threshold hypothesis as learners who are below the threshold have negative cognitive abilities (Lee &Schallert, 1997). Proficiency in the second language plays a huge role in the reading development of learners. As seen in the work of Lee & Schallert (1997) through linguistic threshold assumption, readers need to develop some level of language proficiency in the second language prior to transferring the L1 reading skills to improve the reading comprehension in the second language. Before getting to the language proficiency threshold level, the ability of the readers to read well may not make much difference in their reading performance in the...
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...which students will be able to attend once a week and will use reading circle as a model. Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students Extensive reading is a special approach to teaching a language during which students choose easy books and read for pleasure. The books are not complicated and the students can read them to capture some general meaning and just for entertainment. Students can stop reading if they find the information not actual and interesting. Extensive reading is good for students of high school because most obviously it teaches them how to study autonomously. Educational process in school is...
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