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Instant messaging and Videoconferencing - Research Paper Example

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The communication process starts from one end and comes back to the first end. Both instant messaging and video conferencing influence the components of communication…
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Instant messaging and Videoconferencing
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INSTANT MESSAGING AND VIDEO CONFERENCING goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing
Question No. 1
The transactional model depicts such communication system in which two directions of communication are involved. The communication process starts from one end and comes back to the first end. Both instant messaging and video conferencing influence the components of communication in a way that both of these involve two-end communication where messages are sent and received at all ends of communication.
Question No. 2
Instant messaging can be useful at workplaces in situations where there is physical distance between employees and the manager and when the manager wants to talk to some employee to provide him/her with some guidance. Another example is when two employees from the same department are working at distance from each other and they have to work in proper collaboration. In such situations, instant messaging is useful as they can send files to them and can talk about them in real time. The benefits of instant messaging include instantaneous response, real time messaging, and file transfer facility. Some other key features of instant messaging include perceived control and telepresence (Zaman, Anandarajan, & Dai, 2010, p. 1009). The challenges related to instant messaging include leakage of trade secrets and privacy issues.
Question No. 3
Video conferencing helps in communicating being at distance (Judge, 2010, p. 655). It can be useful at workplaces in situations where employees are located at distance from each other and they have to talk to each other frequently to discuss project related issues. Another example is when time is short and manager wants to have a meeting with his/her employees. In such situations, video conferencing is useful because it saves time and increases efficiency and productivity. The benefits of video conferencing include accessibility, utility, and flexibility (Lowden & Hostetter, 2012, p. 377). The challenges related to video conferencing include lack of training to do such interactions and lack of use of nonverbal cues during communication.
Judge, T. (2010). Sharing conversation and sharing life: video conferencing in the home. CHI 10 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 655-658.
Lowden, R., & Hostetter, C. (2012). Access, utility, imperfection: The impact of videoconferencing on perceptions of social presence. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(2), 377-383.
Zaman, M., Anandarajan, M., & Dai, Q. (2010). Experiencing flow with instant messaging and its facilitating role on creative behaviors. Computers in Human Behavior, 26(5), 1009-1018. Read More
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