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Critical Reviews of Literature - Essay Example

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 Critical Reviews of Literature Course Number: Date:               Critical Reviews of Literature Abedi, J. (2008). Classification system for English language learners: Issues and recommendations…
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Critical Reviews of Literature
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Download file to see previous pages This resource is relevant to my study because it highlights that investigation on appraisal has brought up matters concerning the validity of English language learning classification practices and policies. It goes on to argue that incorrect classification of English language learners can cause unfounded evaluation and coverage, and inapt levels of instruction. These concerns can play a part in the inconsistent representation of English language learning in special education course groups. Moreover, the objectives of the resource are to assess matters associated to the soundness of present English language learners sorting and confer how this information may be utilized to enhance imminent English language learning classifications systems, empirical indication of the validity of English language learning classification, and a profound debate of the proposition of the study (Abedi, 2008). Dekhinet, R. (2008). Online enhanced corrective feedback for ESL learners in higher education. Computer Assisted Language Learning, 21 (5), 409-425. This case study looked at the usefulness of online enhanced corrective feedback for English as second language learners. The research utilized both qualitative and quantitative strategies. The study utilized both and end-project survey and assessment of discussions of peer tutors and students. This study is connected to my study in that one of the contributors, Dekhinet, remarked that the work supports the employment of technology to advance language learning but a small number of researches reported on the quality of relations for English as second language learners. The research was established to evaluate the quality of online discussions, the perceptions of students, and their challenges. Those who took part in the research were taken from the Language Centre of the University of Dundee. The participants were made up of Indian, Italian, and Chinese learners. In addition, instructors were taken from the University of Dundee. A large number of the instructors came from Scotland and were highly knowledgeable in online and technology instructions. Moreover, the research relates to my study because it asserts that investigations have indicated that extra social connection is essential in advancing language acquisition. Online enhanced corrective feedback for English encourages tutoring for learners to acquire language techniques by using Vygotsky’s theory where proficient students scaffold unskilled students. Online techniques comprise email and instant messaging. Instant messaging utilized approaches from negotiated meaning. This is where peers and learners comprehend things by modified interaction (Dekhinet, 2008). Diaz-Rico, L. T. (2008). A course for teaching English learners. New York: Pearson. The book provides approaches meant to furnish instructors to work with English language learners, harmonizing elementary principles with realistic class room approaches. In addition, this resource is connected to my topic of study as it gives background standards underlying the socio-cultural, linguistic, and cultural contexts and basis of learning, together with a wide range of class room techniques for English language development in computer-aided instruction, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In a similar way as learners, technology can be effectively utilized with English lang ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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