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Utilization -Community Health Project :Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program Communication for behavior change Section C: Summary of Literature: Research Report The CDC has similar programs aimed at improving the lives of teenagers through the reduction of teenage pregnancy levels…
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Research Utilization -Community Health Project :Teen Pregnancy Prevention
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Download file to see previous pages The initiative by CDC features efforts to provide accurate information on various aspects of teenage pregnancy. Communication, therefore, is a central part of the program. It is similar to my program since it embraces the role of communication in sensitizing teenagers on appropriate measures to reduce pregnancies. The initiative by CDC is similar to my program since they all aim at ensuring teenagers have access to contraceptives. Contraceptive use, as encouraged by both programs, is important in reducing teenage pregnancies. Kalmuss et al. highlight the necessity for programs that promote counseling as a strategy to reduce teenage pregnancies. According to Kalmuss et al., programs to reduce teenage pregnancies should instill safe sex skills in teenagers (1). My program meets the requirements set by Kalmuss et al., for programs aimed at reducing teenage pregnancies. Communication for behavior change program addresses the necessity to provide information for safe sex among teenagers. According to Kalmuss et al., such programs should address the effects of social aspects as peer influence in encouraging teenage pregnancies. My program appropriately sensitizes the youth on the effects of peer influence and its possibility in escalating teenage pregnancies. This makes the communication for behavior change program most appropriate. ...
My program identifies teenagers and their need for proper education to reduce teenage pregnancies. My program is evidence-based and addresses the necessity to inform teenagers on risky behaviors that would escalate teenage pregnancies. My program identifies the effectiveness of initiatives that address social causes of teenage pregnancies. Second, Baird and Porter propose that teenage pregnancy prevention strategies should promote initiatives that promote local preventative performance (152). My program conforms to this proposal since it aims at promoting education at the local level. The third criterion that programs should meet is to prevent risky behaviors among individuals. My program’s main goal is to transform the behavior of youths to reduce teenage pregnancies. Kirby, Laris and Rolleri highlight the impacts of sex education programs in the transformation of sexual behaviors (207). According to Kirby, Laris and Rolleri, communication is a notable platform of implementing sex education programs to transform the behaviors of teenagers. Sex education is instrumental in reducing the number of teenagers engaging in early sex and, subsequently, the incidences of teenage pregnancies. My program is highly effective in reducing teenage pregnancies through sensitization of the youth on safe sex. It is an education program to sensitize teenagers of the effects of early sex. According to Kirby, Laris and Rolleri, sex education programs should promote the use of contraceptives as avenues to reduce teenage pregnancies. My program is effective since it enhances contraceptive use. The USDHHS also outlines various teen pregnancy prevention programs that employ similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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