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The Difficulty for Women in the Workplace - Research Paper Example

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  This paper reviews six current studies that elaborate on workplace challenges for women. The paper further provides the implication of research. Being a woman and working outside the comfort of the home calls for alertness to the reality of workplace inequity…
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The Difficulty for Women in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "The Difficulty for Women in the Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages  The author further recommends strategies in order to address these challenges. The paper focuses on women in business and undertakes a literature review of gender disparities in compensation, employment, and promotion. According to the author, women dominated industries should have less gender discrimination, improved pay equity and comprise a higher number of women executive than male-dominated industries. LaBeach (2007) carries out a quantitative method to fill in research gaps identified in the literature review. Compensation data from a female-dominated healthcare organization (the American Dietetic Association), is analyzed to assess if women dominated industries have improved pay equity. Compensation was measured by the total cash for registered dieticians employed full-time for a minimum of one year. The author notes that certain workplace behaviors and attitudes should change so as to ensure women achieve career satisfaction and salary equity. Further, the author recommends that the workplace should be protected from expressions of gender/sex bias and partiality. The recommendations are meant for businesses, policymakers and researchers. Newman et al. (2011) undertake a study on gender discrimination and workplace violence. The author notes that workplace violence has been documented in many sectors. However, female-dominated sectors such as social services and health are at a particular risk. The article reexamines a set of study findings, which directly relate to the influence of gender or workplace violence and discrimination. In the study, 297 health workers (comprising 205 women and 92 men), were selected randomly. Newman et al. (2011) employed a utilization-focused approach and administered facility audits, health worker survey, health facility manager interviews, key informant and focus groups to collect data. In their findings, 39% of health workers had suffered some form of workplace violence in a year prior to the study. The study identified gender-based patterns of victimization, perpetration, and reactions to violence. Negative stereotypes of women workers, discrimination based on family responsibilities, pregnancy, and maternity affected female health workers. These contributed to the context of violence. Gender equality was found to lower the odds of workers experiencing violence. The researchers used the results to formulate recommendations in order to address gender discrimination through programs and policy reforms. Unnikrishnan et al. (2010) undertake a study to assess harassment among women at the workplace. The objectives of the study were to find out how harassment occurs among women at the workplace. In addition, the authors also sought to determine the types and reasons for workplace harassment generally faced by working women. In order to achieve their objects, the authors carry out a cross-sectional study. The study participants comprised women working in banks, education institutions, and hospitals. These establishments were chosen because they employ a considerable number of women. Data was gathered from a total of 160 participants.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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