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College Binge Drinking - Research Paper Example

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Alcohol abuse, excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and binge drinking are terms that may be helpful while characterizing fatal diseases and life-threatening ailments. When an individual is addicted and used to intake alcohol in an excessive ratio, his mind gradually begins…
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College Binge Drinking
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Extract of sample "College Binge Drinking"

Download file to see previous pages Studies reveal that depending on alcohol is a cause that is not directly or genetically transferred from generation to generation. However, it can be said that it is an outcome of a complex combination of psychological, genetic and environmental factors. People might drink to run away from problems, they might drink alone because of its short-term soothing effects, they might even drink on an excessive scale while attending parties or in bars for the sole purpose of entertainment and getting drunk, but as they carry on with their drinking practice, they forget that their drinking habit is accompanied by a long term chain of adverse side effects. This is because drinking itself highly disturbs the organ systems of a human body and slowly poisons the entire human system (Dryden-Edwards n.d.).
Binge drinking, therefore is a common known terminology that is normally used to describe excessive intake or abusive intake of alcohol in the United States. Students attending their college are more likely to be involved in this practice. It is a pattern of getting drunk or in-taking alcohol in such a way that it brings an individual’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to 0.08 grams percent or at times even higher. Usually, this is more likely to happen when a male dinks five and more drinks. A woman, on the other hand, is projected to fall into the same state when she consumes up to 4 drinks in almost 2 hours. There are almost 79,000 deaths that occur each year and fall in the category of deaths due to excessive alcohol usage in the United States.  This means that excessive use of alcohol is the third greatest cause of death in the United States of America.  Moreover, excessive usage of alcohol can also be subjected to cause a massive, 2.3 million potential life losses, per year. In addition, the statistics for the year 2005 show that up to 1.6 million people have to be admitted to the hospital and about 4 million have to be taken in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Binge Drinking 2005, which allowed bars to be open throughout the night. The logic was since earlier bars closed down before midnight, customers would be prone to 'hurried consumption' of alcohol, which would lead to binging. Binge drinking has been known to lead to anti-social behaviour among young adults. However, it is not very easy to tackle the problem as drinking is not looked upon as a social evil in Britain, but a socially accepted practice. U.S The 'legal drinking age' specified by the U.S. government is 21 years. Yet, binge drinking is a common phenomenon among college students in the U.S. While earlier...
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...drinking as a phenomenon. This usually transpires in the company of friends, colleagues, or even loved ones. The current study also supports the fact that males and more educated respondents were more susceptible to engage in binge drinking. Finally, males drank more than females in both public and private contexts. Introduction College binge drinking has been related with a wide array of campus and community alcohol-related issues that are very threatening and challenging to university functions (Wechsler, Dowdall, & Davenport, 1995; Wechsler, Molnar, & Davenport, 1999). Moreover, the occurrence of deaths, alcohol poisoning,...
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Binge Drinking In College Students this investigation, almost 65%, were binge drinking in the week ends. The reason they pose for this behavior is stress in the college or problems at home. The students from homes where alcoholism is already prevalent take binge drinking easy. In the definition of the students 6 to 8 drinks can be called as binge drinking. For 65% of students under this investigation week ends were reserved for drinking and they drink heavy then. Every day drinkers are few. There were 25% of students who drink more than once a week for different reasons. But heavy...
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...Heavy drinking that is sporadic in colleges is a phenomenon at Pennsylvania As a social drinker myself, I’ve learned to accept the binge drinking college atmosphere I’m surrounded by. It isn’t unusual for me to hear of students drinking on any given day of the week or for multiple days during that week. Bars in the area cater to those with a drinking itch by offering happy hour specials students can’t dare pass up. Apartment and Fraternity parties also give students the option to drink heavily. While some students may not see this binge drinking phenomena as an issue, researchers have taken productive measures by studying students excessive alcohol consumption, preventative measures surrounding students and excessive drinking... , and...
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