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Female College Students Binge Drink More than the College Male - Research Paper Example

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The study shows that Binge drinking is increasing all around the world due to a shared culture caused by an increase in internet communication. Most students after joining college are introduced to Binge drinking. However, if this becomes a habit it can be deadly for many young students…
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Female College Students Binge Drink More than the College Male
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Download file to see previous pages The effects of the internet are the most drastic on a culture of people in younger age groups. This is because the younger generation uses the internet more for entertainment purposes as compared to previous generations. Therefore they are more susceptible to be affected by the messages delivered through the internet. The cross-cultural communication on the internet ensures that younger generations follow the newest trends and fashions. The most influential in this regard has been the culture of North America and Europe. The culture of these two continents has affected students all around the world. This is also because of their unquestionable dominance on the different media of communication including the internet and television. The culture of Binge drinking in Europe is very old. This is a derivative of British and Irish pub culture. This culture has spread from these locations to educational institutions of the world and is now known as Binge drinking.
The independence of women has been advocated through media and another social medium over the last few decades. The revolution known as feminism has given all women around the world a slogan to participate with men at every level. The most common feminist tendencies are visible in younger females. Thus we can say that female students studying in colleges and universities try to compete with their male fellows. This competition is usually very healthy and leads to high standards of studies and research. However, sometimes females also try to compete on the wrong fronts. A recent trend in female behavior has been the increase in drinking games. There are many different reasons for this type of attitude of female students. As mentioned they try to compete with male students. Some students also try to follow the rebellious attitude portrayed by some celebrities. This makes them more susceptible to activities which are considered prohibited. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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