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Market and Social Research - Essay Example

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Even though, the quantity of alcohol that an individual needs to drink to be categorised as binge is not clearly defined, but statistics is…
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Download file to see previous pages The word frequently means daily in a week. Alcohol is the drug that many youths prefer; this is because of many young people like experimenting that leads to experiencing many consequences of too much drinking. As a result, underage drinking is currently rated the first public health problem in the country(Norman 2011, pg. 504).
According to the latest survey of 2005 of monitoring the future, showed that youths as young as eight years were getting involved in drinking of alcohol. Moreover, when they drink they use to drink intensively, often consuming five to six drinks at one time. The research result showed that average age of engaging in the use of alcohol was 14 as compared to 17 years in1960 and serious drinking that was associated with middle age begun to appear during the young adulthood and occasional adolescence. In United Kingdom, many researchers have been done to answer the question why young adults get involved in binge drinking. One of the explanations was that; as adolescence move to young adulthood they occasionally encounter a full dramatic change in their lives. These changes include physical, lifestyle, independence and emotional changes. Such developmental transitions have associated them with drug use mostly alcohol abuse. Therefore just being a young adult is a risk factor for drinking dangerously(Courtney & Polich 2009, pg. 146).
With the continuous rise of alcohol abuse among the young adults and teenagers, there is a need that should be taken to prevent the vice from escalating further. It means that the study must be performed to determine the knowledge and awareness of the population at risk of alcohol abuse, and the methods that can be used to prevent the vice. Some methods that can be used include; introducing stringent rules in pubs regarding drinking alcohol, collaborating with landlords to evict those young adults who are the worst drinkers, and changing the outlet to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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