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Drinks Market and Smoking Ban - Literature review Example

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The literature review majorly focuses on the success story on Magners, an Irish cider brand, the drinking habits and patterns of the drinkers. It also focuses on the impact ban on smokers has on the cider market in the UK along with the impact of the reduction of duties on the ciders. …
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Drinks Market and Smoking Ban
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Download file to see previous pages The UK retains relatively high levels of alcohol consumption. Historically, the country has been associated with brewing and distilling, the drinking of bitter in pubs and the consumption of whiskey, a product historically tied into Scotland. The trend for young people in their twenties to feel they can get drunk is being followed by teenagers who generally take inspiration from older people. (ICAP, 2007) This has resulted in more number of cases on 'binge' drinking - getting a drunk number of times within a very short time. The media suggests that this has been the main reason behind the increase in the number of crimes at night. It is worth mentioning that studies show that of the people indulging in crimes at night, 80% of the cases were said to be committed by people between the age group of 20 and 30. When a bartender was asked about the increase in the drinking habits among the youth, he said, "'There's always someone asking for "one more bottle". Also, the fact that public transport in many places stops just before midnight, so if they miss the last bus (costing say 1.50), they'll have to get a taxi (costing say 10), so they feel that it is better to spend money on drinks rather than on the expensive taxi."
Philip, from Kidderminster, commented, "I like drinking beer because there are many different types of traditional British beer to try and also as it is nice to meet up in a pub with friends."
These factors, coupled with the lethargic attitude of the government of the UK have led to the boost of sales of not just Magners, but other brands as well. Coming to the laws laid out by the Government, which say that serving alcohol should be stopped at 11 PM. All these factors have been immensely helping the brands to execute their strategies and tap the markets. In fact, the brands have been focusing on aggressive promotions in places close to various universities, which have been severely criticized by eminent educationists who feel that this could increase the crime rates in the universities. The Government too has come under severe criticism for remaining as a mute spectator to all this.
Hence, it can be inevitably said that the above-mentioned factors did go a long way in making the most by the brands, who've always considered youth-centric places as demographic markets, which needed to be tapped appropriately.
The success of Magners clearly illustrates as to how successful marketing campaigns coupled with aggression can boost the overall performance and growth of a firm.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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