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Should Smoking be banded in New Orleans' casinos - Essay Example

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A smoking ban is a public policy that puts in place criminal laws and health regulations that ban smoking in public places (Farley & Cohen 169-200). The New Orleans ban includes electronic cigarettes. The…
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Should Smoking be banded in New Orleans casinos
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Extract of sample "Should Smoking be banded in New Orleans' casinos"

Download file to see previous pages It covers Bars, Restaurants, Casinos, Patios, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Patios, Courtyards, Balconies, Parks, Public Events, Hotel and Motel Rooms, Bingo and Video Poker Halls, Sidewalks and Streets, Private Homes, Private Clubs, Conventions, Nursing Homes and assisted living areas, Stadiums, Care Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Amphitheaters and Outdoor Areas, and Bus Shelters. Hookah and Cigar Bars and Vape Shops however will be exempted from the ban (Mahey & Miller 312-46). The Mayor argues that the ban is about quality of life, protecting citizens and making the neighborhoods safer. The City Council will proceed with an aggressive campaign to create awareness about the ban. Enforcement will be placed on the hands of City health and code inspectors. Bars that defy the ban are subject to fines and penalties.
Debate is torn between those decrying the dangers of second-hand smoke and those fearing for the collapse of businesses that host smokers. The smoking debate has been raging for a long time. Those in support of smoking bans argue that many people die from lung cancer and heart disease and that the world would be a better place without cigarettes. They say that smoking harms non-smokers who inadvertently inhale second-hand smoke and that it kills more people than alcohol; car accidents and AIDS combined.
Smoking kills 1.2 million people in China and 430,000 people a year in America and about 50,000 non-smokers die from smoke related diseases in America (Farley & Cohen 18-20). The National Cancer Institute, Surgeon General of the United States and National Institute of Health all support the smoking ban particularly because of the effects of second-hand smoke on nonsmokers. Banning smoking will improve air quality they say and smoking bans are becoming common in the United States and the world over. The American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation reports that 36 States and 900 cities have enacted laws requiring bars and restaurants to be smoke free. More places ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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