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The Need Of Imposing Age Limit On Energy Drinks - Research Proposal Example

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The purpose of the paper "The Need Of Imposing Age Limit On Energy Drinks" is to propose that the U.S. should impose the age restriction on energy drinks in all stores so that people under age of 18 could not purchase and consume it due to its serious health hazard for youngsters…
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The Need Of Imposing Age Limit On Energy Drinks
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Download file to see previous pages This report was authorized to examine the health risks and impacts of energy drinks on the human health, particularly in adolescents because of the increasing number of emergency visits and death incidents. The research will help in drawing attention to the fact that energy drinks contain various substances in an extremely high amount causing serious health issues and even deaths. Energy drinks are extreme caffeinated beverages that are designed to boost the energy level of its consumers because caffeine has been proven as a drug to change the mood. A small can of Monster energy drink contains 160mg caffeine and people usually drink two or more energy drinks within 24-36 hours. In this regard, energy drinks are very harmful to adults but are more harmful to children and teenagers who are very young to bear such a high amount of caffeine. Recently, the death of a 14-year-old girl from Maryland was reported as a result of the consumption of two 24 ounce Monster energy drink within 24 hours. Such a huge amount of caffeine in the body of a very young girl caused toxicity. In the US in 2011 alone, 20,000 emergency visits were reported as a result of energy drink consumption. Further, the online survey revealed that most of the consumers of energy drinks are unaware about the contents and its impacts on human health and they are assuming energy drinks as a source of safe refreshment and energy booster. In our survey, 14% participants were very young to consume energy drinks, i-e, between the age group 13-15. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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