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Lowering of the Minimum Age of Drinking - Assignment Example

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The author focuses on lowering of the minimum age of drinking issue and examines two points of view of those who are for the lowering of the minimum age of drinking from 21 and their opponents which argue that teenagers are yet to reach an age that they can be able to handle alcohol responsibly…
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Lowering of the Minimum Age of Drinking
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Extract of sample "Lowering of the Minimum Age of Drinking"

Download file to see previous pages Those who are for the lowering of the minimum age of drinking from 21 argue that teenagers still drink alcohol, and the teenagers have resolved to binge drinking into isolated and uncontrolled environments, resulting to behaviors that are more health and behaviors that are life-endangering. The opponents argue that teenagers are yet to reach an age that they can be able to handle alcohol responsibly, hence they are likely to harm or kill themselves or even others prior to 21. They point out that traffic facilities went down since the increasing of MLDA. Personally, I think the MLDA should not be lowered from 21 to 18.
The three main reasons that have influenced my position are; MLDA 21 helped in reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, MLDA 21 assists in the prevention of underage binge drinking, and reducing the drinking age welcomes more use of illicit drugs among 18-21 years old. Drunk driving is a big problem in our civilization. Averagely, 17,000 people die every year in deaths that are drunk related. As the numbers have lowered slightly, drunk driving continues to be a very important public safety issue. Most importantly is the fact that drinking and driving are strongly related to the youth. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), in 2010 the highest drunk driving rates were established amongst those ages 21- 25 (23.4%), and 18-20 (15.1%). Past 25, the rates of drunk driving reduce. By lowering the age limit to 18, the 15.1% who drink prior to getting behind the wheels would significantly rise and the consequences will be fatal (Robin, G. D. 1991). Binge drinking is common among the youths more so in college campuses. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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..., J.W. (1995). Medical manifestations of alcoholism in the elderly. The International Journal of the Addictions, 30(13 & 14), 1749-1798. Toomey, T.L., Nelson, T.F. and Lenk, K.M. (2009). “The Age-21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age: A Case Study Linking Past And Current Debates.” Addiction 104.12 : 1958-1965. Wechsler, H. and Nelson, T. F. (2010). Will Increasing Alcohole Availability By Lowering the Minima Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking and Related Consequences Among Youths? American Journal of Public Health, vol. 100(6)...
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Chafetz argues that the MLDA of 21 “has not worked,” and is not linked to reduced drunk-driving fatalities (7). He holds that enforcing a minimum legal age for drinking does not take into consideration the deaths caused by alcohol off the highways, and drives teenagers to binge drinking in unsupervised surroundings. On the other hand, Nelson and Toomey take the position that the MLDA of 21 has reduced drinking-related deaths, and decreased binge-drinking in underage college students. Although both authors have credibility and are knowledgeable and logical about the subject, and Chafetz is more accommodating of opposing viewpoints, Nelson and Toomey make a more convincing argument as their stand is supported by extensiv...
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... Support Lowering it from Age 21? Issue Brief. Vol.8 No. 3 Miron, J. A & Tetelbaum, E. (2009). Does the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Save Lives? Economic Inquiry 47(2): 317-36. Yoruk, B.K. & Yoruk, C.E. (2011). The impact of minimum legal drinking age laws on alcohol. consumption, smoking, and marijuana use: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design using exact date of birth. Journal of Health Economics. 30(4):740-52...
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