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Plant Candidates for Production of Edible Vaccines - Research Proposal Example

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This study “Plant Candidates for Production of Edible Vaccines” shows the types of edible vaccines used to prevent diseases, the problems that arise due to usage and the prospects that people pertain on the use of vaccines. The traditional vaccines are limited and are not supplied in large quantities…
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Plant Candidates for Production of Edible Vaccines
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Extract of sample "Plant Candidates for Production of Edible Vaccines"

Download file to see previous pages The altered organisms are then induced and used in the manufacturing of fixed proteins. The demand for transgenic crops has significantly grown both in the developed and developing countries. According to Langridge (2000, p. 70), this is because the future of edible vaccines mostly will vary according to how people will accept the introduction of genetically customized foods. In order to successfully accomplish the use of edible vaccines, it will be important to know how well technical obstacles can be avoided. This will be through the avoidance of challenges that come with the legal issues and non-scientific problems. This study also will analyze the current position and the future of the new method which will be used to prevent diseases which will, therefore, bring a significant effect on the promotion of global health.
Vaccines are the measures used to introduce into healthy individuals that help in supporting and maintaining the immune system and also used to fight against agents that cause diseases in living organisms especially when they are found naturally. McGarvey et al. (1995) show that one example is the widespread utilization of smallpox vaccine that has enabled individuals all over the world to eradicate the deadly disease found mostly in early ages of development. There have also been considerable programs meant for polio eradication which has resulted to increase usage in various countries and especially those which are highly populated for example the ongoing programs in India. There are various kinds of vaccines that are differentiated by either conventional which involves the introduction of killed vaccine but in inactivated forms of pathogens that are also formed through the use of a chemical or by either treating it physically for example the BCG vaccine, oral polio vaccine etc. (Singh 2004, p. 509-557). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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