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There are people who are likely to vote Democratic for Sen. Barack Obama1 of Illinois. Then there are people who are most likely to vote Republican for Sen. John McCain2 of Arizona. The…
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Democratic candidate
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Who Is Likely to Vote For Barack Obama And John McCain For President: An Essay Regarding the Presidential election, people generally fall into one of two categories. There are people who are likely to vote Democratic for Sen. Barack Obama1 of Illinois. Then there are people who are most likely to vote Republican for Sen. John McCain2 of Arizona. The reasons behind their choices will be discussed in detail.
Quite a few people, it seems, are swayed towards choosing Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois as their next President. He is ahead in the polls by most accounts, and early voting will most likely favor Barack Obama. According to Campbell Brown on CNN, Obama has raised $600 million dollars in this campaign, which is equal to what President Bush and Sen. John Kerry raised in 2004 combined. No doubt, Obama is a contender.
But what is it about him that will make voters want to vote for Obama come November 4th? First of all, people who have voted strictly Democratic will probably tend to vote for Obama. Obama also seems to be gaining ground with independents because of his inclusive message. Unfortunately, John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate’s message at the Republican National Convention was divisive and alluded to the culture wars—something that has slowly but surely made its way into McCain-Palin campaign rallies, where cries of “Terrorist” and other nasty verbal threats have been heard, referring to Sen. Obama. All the serious ones have been investigated. Obama will surely appeal to people who definitely want change, as well as leadership for the economic crisis. When the economic crisis hit, Obama outlined a four-point plan and appeared very presidential, calm, cool, and collected, with a clear idea of what to do. This may appeal to voters who may vote their pocketbooks this election, and want to see someone in office who will end a costly war in Iraq which is currently bringing our country into debt by an extra $10 billion dollars per month, when that money could be spent on health care for every man, woman, and child, and better the country’s infrastructure, schools, and other programs. Obama may also appeal to the middle-class voter, as he is the only candidate allowing for a tax cut for 95% of working families. Obama also offers a health care plan for universal coverage with the government. That is the bulk of the Obama program. It is a solid program, as he sharply contrasts himself with Bush-McCain politics, and offers a change from four more years of the same failed policies.
John McCain will probably appeal to voters who are more socially and fiscally conservative, and to voters who hope that he will cut taxes, as he says. However, John McCain wants to, in truth, cut taxes for large corporations. He is favoring big businesses and not the average voter. The rich voter will probably favor John McCain, as will voters who want to see the policies of the Bush years continue. John McCain wants to continue the war in Iraq, so voters who do not want to see an immediate pullout in Iraq probably trust a war hero from Vietnam on issues of national security more. Sen. McCain has been to Iraq quite a few times and probably has somewhat of a better idea of how military operations work there, but if a voter is so enchanted with the fact that he has military experience, the voter probably will not care how much the war is costing the U.S. Many voters will vote for John McCain out of fear because they will not want to vote for Barack Obama as President because he is black. It is sad but true, and many pundits are saying the Bradley effect may come into play this election season—during the poll, voters will say they are voting for Obama and then vote for McCain.
These are some of the reasons people are likely to choose the candidates they do.

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Democratic Candidate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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