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According to the polls result, African-Americans believe in the campaign of Radnofsky but the percentage of African-American residents who voted in exit polls were just 8% as compared to 75% White residents who favor Hutchison.
Whatever the voting age is, residents supports the…
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Dear Candidate
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POLLS ANALYSIS In Texas, Hutchison has the better position in all the polls among the residents as compared to Radnofsky. The polls reviewed are as follows:
1. Vote by Race:
According to the polls result, African-Americans believe in the campaign of Radnofsky but the percentage of African-American residents who voted in exit polls were just 8% as compared to 75% White residents who favor Hutchison.
2. Vote by Age:
Whatever the voting age is, residents supports the campaign of Hutchison. 60% of the residents between the age range of 18-64 support Hutchison as well as the 19% of the residents between the age range of 65 or older.
3. Vote by Income:
Radnofsky has managed to gain popularity among those people whose income is under $30,000. The rest of the residents with income of more than $30,000 have voted in favor of Hutchison. The votes in favor of Hutchison are well over 50%.
4. Vote by Education:
Education or no education, the residents of Texas, highly favor the Republican candidate Hutchison and has a lead which is over 50% against the democratic candidate Radnofsky,
5. How is George Bush Handling his Job
The Republican support group favor Hutchison by 88% in saying that George Bush is doing a good job and disapprove by 68% that Democratic should come in power. The favor support for the Democratic candidate Radnofsky is very little.
6. US War in Iraq:
Hutchison supporters approve by 84% that the US war in Iraq is a positive thing while the Radnofsky supporters approve it by only 14%. On the other hand, 65% voters are on side with Radnofsky in saying that the war should not happen.
7. Importance of Terrorism:
The voters deem terrorism as an important factor in the world and regard it extremely important by favoring Hutchison by 68% that the Republicans are on a right track against terrorism.
8. Importance of Economy:
The voters by 67% deem economy as a somewhat important factor in voting for Hutchison as the party has not worked very much on this side of the country.
9. Importance of Illegal Immigration
According to the residents of Texas, 68% vote is reflecting that illegal immigration is extremely important whereas 65% consider it to be very important.
10. Most Illegal Immigrants should be:
While voting for Hutchison, 68% voters have said that illegal immigrants should be deported in contrast to 30% who favor Radnofsky.
Based on the above data, the recommendations to Hutchison are as follows:
Focus on the economy of the state and the country and work to improve it as residents consider it extremely important.
Effective steps should be taken to deal with the illegal immigrants
The war on terrorism should be continued but some new angles are needed to cope with the increasing terrorism effectively.
The US war in Iraq is approved by many people but the war should focus on the operations of terrorists there rather than destroying the whole country with innocent people.
George Bush’s agenda should continue to be implemented as people consider him to be doing a good job. Read More
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