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Anne Hutchinson's Life - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Anne Hutchinson's Life " states that Anne Hutchinson proved herself a woman ahead of her time in a number of ways.  At a time when women were legislatively weak and powerless, she proved herself to have a power and strength difficult to match even today. …
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Anne Hutchinsons Life
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Download file to see previous pages This is because Puritans who settled in Colonial America created laws and customs relating to women’s roles that were, in some cases, more stringent than those that existed in England at the time. This traditional, patriarchal society was intent on punishing women who did not conform to the prescribed ‘norms’ of the Puritan culture. A well-documented example is women who would not marry again following the death of their husband. Choosing to be a single woman was considered by the Puritans to be disregarding ‘God’s will.’ These women were looked upon suspiciously and this choice heightened the chance that they would be accused of being a witch. Many of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by women today were brought about by women recognized for their courage and their ability to stand up for their genders such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Queen Victoria. However, there were many women involved in these early migrations to the new continent who held many of the same concepts regarding women’s true proper place in society. One of these women was Anne Hutchinson, a woman truly ahead of her time.
Hutchinson began her life in England and travelled through Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Netherlands, now the Bronx in New York before being killed there by Indians in one of the many disputes between natives and settlers that occurred during that time. She was baptized as Anne Marbury in Alford, Lincolnshire, England on July 20, 1591, with her parents Francis and Bridget (Dryden) Marbury proudly taking part (Anderson, 1999: 479). Her father was a minister but had conflicting views with the strict doctrine of the church and his questioning of authority was perhaps one of the strongest influences in Anne’s later decisions.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Anne Hutchinson'S Life Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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