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According to the documentary, how did this conflict reflect the tensions that arose between Native Americans and Europeans as Europeans created new societies in the Americas?
The exiting…
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God in America: A New Adam
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God in America: A New Adam What was the basic conflict between the Pueblo people and the Spanish Franciscanfriars? According to the documentary, how did this conflict reflect the tensions that arose between Native Americans and Europeans as Europeans created new societies in the Americas?
The exiting conflict between the Pueblo population and the Spanish friars is religion interests. The Spanish friars proclaimed absolute salvation with intention attract the Pueblo population. The pueblo believed otherwise and fought against the intended plans to replace the native spirituality. The documentary presents the divergent conflicts of faith as the basis of the rising conflict. The events of arresting the pueblo elders illustrate a conflict spiked through the counteractions where the Pueblo villagers declared war on the Spanish friars. The documentary explains the misery behind the transformation dimensions of religion and power through politics. The documentary further shows a far stretched struggle to adjust to developing societies.
2. Why did the Puritans leave England? How did religion play a role in the creation and settlement of the Massachusetts Bay colony?
According to the documentary, the Church in England acted in contrary to the true Christian traditions. The Puritans believed that a Christian life demand more duties than engagement on sacraments and the belief in Jesus Christ. As such, salvation reflected a diversified commitment and practical abidance to God’s teachings. According to the documentary, rightful Christians should dissociate from sinners to avoid God’s punishment. Religion served as an establishment centre by the Puritans. Large populations relocated close to the Massachusetts to benefit from the religion. Religion acted as a power to recognize within the colony. The religion in the Massachusetts protectorate disregarded disbandment from other religions.
3. Who was Anne Hutchison? How did her actions and beliefs contradict those of the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay colony?
The documentary highlights Anne Hutchinson as respected colony member. The character believed in an automatic salvation through God. This contracted the leaders within the colony who viewed her as a sarcastic character. The elder also believed that salvation depended on continuous deeds from any given individual. The heads of the Massachusetts protectorate regarded Anne’s self proclamation as disregard to the colony. Anne rebelled against the tradition of the Massachusetts colony that mandate actions based on the law. She acted based on instincts as guiding principles of individual behavior. Anne challenged the leaders of the colony through expressing concerns of the enslaved population.
4. How did George Whitefield’s idea of being “born again” influence the way he preached to people? How did his ideas lead to challenges against established churches in the American colonies?
George offered alternatives to salivation as entire body and soul cleansing. He used aggressive evangelism to attract crowds and engage in absolute gospel proclamation. He engaged crowd through humble teaching discouraging the pride population. George offered diverse personal teaching on obtaining salvation by being born again. Established churches enlightened specific traditions that entailed absolute practice of religion laws. Gorge uses oratory skills in the documentary to shift focus from other religion laws. His actions resulted in a misconception of disregarding the church and society as a whole. He insisted on a new birth for individuals pursuing salvation within the society.
5. List two things that most surprised you when you watched this documentary. Why were you surprised? How did the documentary help you understand this period of American history better?
The documentary provides diverse historical facts by solving the misery of the origin to numerous denominations. The documentary involves interesting themes related to religion but with political dimensions. The documentary also shows the rapport between humans and God. The provided history dates back to the early civilization and settlement. The documentary embraces the belief in religious freedom and the connection to the early sacred doctrines. The story covers different evangelistic stories with an interesting storyline. God in America provides a significant history related to religion and politics. The documentary helps the new generation to understand the origin of sacred doctrines. kimanigynell 13 nov1985
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God in America. United States: PBS Home Video, 2010.
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