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Movie All the President's Men - Essay Example

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All the Presidents Men Order No. 669256 “All The President’s Men” (1976) is a scintillating movie that weaves together the Washington intrigue and monument of journalism into the fabric of film making by changing the face of journalism and politics. …
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Movie All the Presidents Men
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Download file to see previous pages All the Presidents Men Order No. 669256 “All The President’s Men” (1976) is a scintillating movie that weaves together the Washington intrigue and monument of journalism into the fabric of film making by changing the face of journalism and politics. Undoubtedly, this film is considered to be one of the best and is so captivating, as it was two decades ago. The Academy Award winning screenplay of ‘All the President’s Men’ was written by William Goldman who hacks through the maze of interlocking relationships to unveil the truth in the mire of politics. The protagonists of the film were Robert Redford who also happened to be the producer of the film, and Dustin Hoffman who play the parts of two Washington Post Reporters who had the responsibility of taking down the No. 1 resident on Pennsylvania Avenue by making use of journalism as well as politics to do so, in a spellbinding story. (Vincent Canby, 1976) The director of the film was Alan J Pakula whose mastery over shadows and mazes brings to light the menacing paths and hidden truths encountered by reporters in the daily lives in this captivating 2 hours 16 minute movie released by Warner Brothers. The opening scene of the movie shows a typewriter that hammers out the date when president Nixon came back from China which was 1st June, 1972. The riotous break – in takes place just sixteen days later after the President returned. The scene includes ancient dial telephones and old typewriters. The Watergate scandal that took place over 25 years ago is believed to be the most famous political scandal ever to take place in the history of America. ‘All The Presidents Men’ (1976) served to offer public absolution to the Washington Post which was unceremoniously dragged down by the economic downslide and public ridicule by the Nixon White House. This movie also served to bring about an institutional self –consciousness to the once free spirited men and women who belonged to the fourth estate. Journalism, as portrayed in the movie, is a humorless profession devoid of all glamour that attracts like minded humorless people. Though the movie ‘All The President’s Men’ is considered to be a Classic, it has its moments of factual deficiencies. Ken Ringle, (1992) who is on the staff of the Washington Post, sheds light on some of the flaws in the movie. He explains that the reporting was over – glamorized while editing which is a serious job was over simplified. Ringle (1992) also tells us that many facts and names were changed, crucial historical key figures were eliminated while other characters were mythologized. According to him power appeared to be the only significant subject for the pen of the journalist because it details and unmasks the deceit of a President in a Byzantine era. Ringle (1992) sheds light on how ‘All the Presidents Men’ helped change so many things within the walls of the Washington Post. Certain parts of the film are quite discomforting as it serves to remind journalists that they were not chroniclers of events but major players in the field of journalism. The author tells us that the film helped to bring about drastic changes in the field some of which were good but some of them were not always in their favor. One of the blatant factual deficiencies spoken of by Ringle (1992) is the absence of City Editor Barry Sussman who played pivotal role in guiding Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein the reporters, to solves their puzzles into a meaningful pattern, was left completely out of the film. Ringle (1992) describes how many of the events were conveniently rearranged, some of the characters were fictionalized while some of the incidents and dialogues that were gathered were exaggerated or concocted. Ringle (1992) points to one of the blatant visual inaccuracies in the film which is the repeated depiction of Newsmen Bernstein and Woodward who are shown working all alone in a vacant newsroom. Roger Ebert, in his review on ‘All The President’s Men’ tells us that it is a compelling blend of investigative journalism and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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