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The Effect of Using Learning Styles with Young Learners - Assignment Example

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The author states that what information is being imparted, the learning styles deal with methodologies to react to the surrounding atmosphere which consists of social setups and also emotions and an understanding of any new information that is provided…
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The Effect of Using Learning Styles with Young Learners
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Using Learning Styles with Young Learners"

How to improve learning styles?

Certain methods help the students grasp fast and develop an understanding but there are other methods which may not be beneficial to the students of one particular group but can work best for the other groups of students or learners. It is the innovation that is never-ending; constant improvements can bring a dramatic improvement in the performance of students and bring good results in terms of developing conceptual learning with deep understanding.

A variety of models have suggested over the years to enhance the learning behavior:
This model provides an assessment to determine an individual’s learning style. Any student will definitely understand with one of the four styles of learning- accommodating, converging, diverging and assimilating (Kolb, 1984).

Basic learning begins at home and therefore parents involvement is also essential in making a child develop an understanding of the environment he/she is exposed to learning styles. Each child has own psychology some kids are fast learners while others take time to understand. For children, the following methods work well:

1. Visual learning: children who learn by seeing things, they have strong perception and they learn and imitate what they see around. In other words, visualization enhances learning in young learners.

2. Auditory learning: some children learn things by listening to them. They are capable of keeping the data what they hear. In addition, they listen to music and respond very well, they learn while listening especially rhymes and songs. They develop an understanding of various tunes and thus can develop a sense of distinction between different notes of sound. It is observed that children belonging to this category rely more on sound and they tend to commit mistakes in spellings as they are more phonetically oriented rather than visualizing things.

3. Kinesthetic or manipulative learning: this methodology incorporated performing activities. This is the best method to build confidence in children as when kids do the activity they have visualization and also they develop the confidence to do the work all by themselves. This builds independence in them and they become self-reliant.

Therefore, teachers should ameliorate teaching strategies by acknowledging different learners styles in their classrooms to achieve educational goals successfully.

What are the problems with learning styles?

A class has varied students and each student has a particular background and psychology. If a teacher is teaching with a style which a particular group of students is not able to follow then there are chances that this group will lag behind those who are able to follow the teacher. It is, therefore, the teacher must follow a style that enables all the students to cope with the teacher.


Learning styles got its existence from the feedback that teachers obtained from the interaction with the students. Teachers grasp that some of the students could follow what is being taught and others are not able to grasp anything. This made the teachers think in a constructive way and to devise a method and style in their teaching so that every student gets the information about what is being imparted. Read More
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The Effect of Using Learning Styles With Young Learners Assignment.
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