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Supporting and assessing learning in practice settings NM3272 - Essay Example

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Observation is one of the methods of assessment that can be used in this case. In this instance, the purpose of observation is to assess a learner’s…
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Supporting and assessing learning in practice settings NM3272
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Download file to see previous pages This method is found to be very effective as it provides feedback on what and how much a student has learnt, and on how effective the teaching methods are. A learner can be observed when presenting a certain procedure on a cadaver or volunteer and in this way, the tutor or assessor can grade the student on the basis of real life presentation. This enables in providing two way feedback the on effectiveness of teaching methods while at the same time, the learner gets to know his or her prowess on reproduction of skills. Learners can also be assessed by observation when checking proficiency of emergency equipment like cardiopulmonary machines.
Interviewing is another way of assessing the learner in the same area. It can be done orally with previously prepared questions or orally where a learner explains a concept orally for assessment. Both methods are very effective as they allow direct assessment of specific knowledge and skills. They are also important in measuring application and synthesis cognitive skills. Unlike interviews, observation provides the opportunity to observe real practice for instance presentation on endo-tracheal suction on a dummy. Observations also provide less chance for cheating as random questions can be asked while the task is being performed. Interviews with pre-test questions allow a student to be more comfortable unlike observing a student, which can sometimes seem like prying on private space.
Positive feedbacks were given during preparation and assistance in emergencies training sessions. Feedback is not to be considered as a single event the concept is more than that of an expert correcting a learner’s error. Formally, a learner is allowed to construct their own understanding of the task and formulating corresponding goals and strategies for achieving them (Nicole and Macfarlane 2006, p.303). In this way, positive feedback enables the learner identify problematic areas and direct all energy to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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