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Aristotles Model of Communication - Essay Example

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This essay evaluates Aristotle’s model of communication. Aristotle introduced his communication model in 300BC. The model focuses on the issues of public speaking and advice speakers to create a speech for various listeners on a different occasion at different times…
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Aristotles Model of Communication
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Extract of sample "Aristotles Model of Communication"

The presenter takes absolute charge in the communication; thus, he or she should prepare points in a way that can persuade the listener. He or she should be aware of the targeted listeners before preparing the speech. For instance, the care provider should understand the needs of patients before making the dialogue. This is essential because it will enable him or her to meet the demanding needs of patients. Thus, the speech should address the setbacks of listeners and provide valuable solutions to the setbacks.
The current communication theorists are built on Aristotle‘s model because this model is broadly accepted. Aristotle’s model plays a significant role in guiding many communication researchers. The recent developments in the communication field have led to increased interest in sharing common characteristics. Thus, many communication theorists share some aspects of the model of Aristotle. Kissane (2010) argues that the question of human knowledge became the central idea for Greek philosophers mostly Plato and Aristotle. Some of the recent communication theorists have implemented their ideas on communication theory, but most of them are based on Plato and Aristotle's philosophers. Some models such as Berlo’s model of communication are built from Aristotle’s model, but this one takes into consideration the SMCR (source, message, channel, and receiver) model. Another model that was designed from that of Aristotle is Shannon and weaver communication model. This model acknowledges that the message originates from the speaker who has the information known as the sender. The sender conveys the message to the recipient who is the ultimate target of the information source. Therefore, many recent communication theorists rely on the model of Aristotle in explaining about their development of communication models.
Communication barriers generate obstacles to valuable communication; thus contributing to misinterpretations that may lead to disagreements. Varied barriers to effectual communication exist in many organizations. First, noise is among the obstacles to effectual communication. It is not easy for one to pass the message to the audience in a noisy atmosphere. The message may appear meaningless, and the recipient or listener may understand it in a different way.  Read More
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