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How may the teacher encourage more learner involvement in the lesson - Essay Example

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The purpose of this essay is to take a new look at the old question: the relationship between SLA practice and what is known about the process of SLA. Language is more than merely a communication code where grammar rules and vocabulary can be taught very much the same way as…
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How may the teacher encourage more learner involvement in the lesson
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"How may the teacher encourage more learner involvement in the lesson"

Download file to see previous pages We shall review some language acquisition theories and chiefly the factors that affect language learning in the classroom. These factors are internal, like the personality of the learner, his motivation to learn the TL, and his aptitude for language learning. External factors like the curriculum, its relevance to the learner and the learning strategies will also be studied. Finally, we will study classroom interaction between various aspects and try to conclude what can be the ways of increasing learner involvement in the classroom.
Classroom is an essential element of the formal system of education. Individuals learn many things outside the classroom. But the classroom is a place where optimal efforts are made to utilize every moment of the teaching session fruitfully. Books, teaching aids, methods and content are specially prepared according to learner needs. The aim is to achieve maximum positive results in minimum time.
A language class is different. Language may be taught as a special subject. But language is a tool that enables students to approach other subjects and also to communicate with others. Language is skill based more than theory. Language learning is a life-long, eternal process. So what is the function of a second language classroom? Quite simply, the role of second language classroom is to bring a student to a point where he can begin to use the outside world for further second language acquisition. The language classroom can provide the students with enough comprehensible input to bring their second language competence to the point where they can begin to understand language heard outside, read independently and participate in conversations. Since they will be less than fully competent, it will be necessary to provide them with tools for encouraging and regulating input. In other words, all second language classes are transitional and no second language class can be expected to do the entire job. Second language classes are best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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