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Teaching Styles - Essay Example

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The teacher should adapt different strategies of teaching to suit the needs of the student. There is no single correct way to teach a particular set of students in a class. Today the electric and the multi-disciplinary approached are becoming popular.
2. Individual differences…
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Teaching Styles
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Extract of sample "Teaching Styles"

Download file to see previous pages The teachers should indicate where the progress of every student is being made. Praise, when earned makes the student aware and feels his success. Constructive criticism may be needed where persistent errors are being made.
4. Independence. The learner's gradual independence from adults and their increasing sense of responsibility are positive indicators of good teaching. The degree of independence gained in a given period should eventually measure up with the maturity level of the student.
5. Remedial teaching. Good teaching is both diagnostic and remedial in many subjects. There are various standardized achievement and diagnostic tests to help teachers to identify specific errors and weaknesses of students. Teacher-made tests made on content of the subject matter also indicate where remedial teaching may be required.
7. Integration. Building upon previous knowledge and experiences acquired, new learning experiences will undoubtedly contribute to an integration of what has been completed into the new learning experiences.
8. Lesson planning. Learning units, lessons and activities for the day and even house-keeping must be well-planned. Daily activity should be thoughtfully planned indicating the detailed procedure and the time frame for each topic.
The common strategies and techniques used in teaching are the following: 1.) lecture 2.) discussion 3.) question-and-answer 4.) lecture-demonstration 5.) problem strategy 6.) project method 7.) laboratory 8.) field trip 9.) group or team teaching and 10.) drill strategy or practice.
Lecture Strategy. This is classified as an authoritative teaching procedure wherein the teacher teaches largely through exposition, either oral or written. While other authorities view the lecture strategy as traditional procedure, lecture is the most natural and practical way of imparting information. Its efficacy, however, depends upon who does the lecturing, what new information he has to impart, and how he presents it.
Lecturing is most often considered as a suitable technique for large groups of listeners, although it may also be used with the small groups. If not properly delivered, lectures may be time-consuming. Even a good lecture may fail as a teaching procedure if the recipient-- the listeners-are not able to follow or to understand the facts presented.
As used in higher education, lecture strategy is a teaching procedure which involves clarification, exposition, and description of some major ideas that have been cast into the form of questions. The fundamental aim of lecture is to develop the act of listening and to develop creative thinking and reasoning. It is therefore, recommended that, for the lecture to be effective and productive, it must be interesting, well-expresses, concise, well-organized and adapted to the abilities and experiences of the listeners.
Lecture fits into the classroom activities where it is needed to supplement the textbook, classroom discussion, student report, and individual study. A lecture may be either formal or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Styles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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