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Teaching Thinking: A comparative analysis of teacher's education in India and Pakistan - Essay Example

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Teaching Styles Name Tutor Course College Date Introduction Many schools in both India and Pakistan still use the traditional methods of teaching. This is because of the influences that the religion has on the education systems. These two countries are experiencing the same challenges when it comes to the teaching styles…
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Teaching Thinking: A comparative analysis of teachers education in India and Pakistan
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Download file to see previous pages Nonetheless, there are differences and similarities between the teaching styles used between India and Pakistan. This paper will focus on these differences and similarities between the teaching styles. Additionally, this paper will argue the endorsements made by the teachers on these teaching styles. Some of the theoretical fields that this paper contemplates include connexion between the teaching styles and the national identity and development theories Analysis Traditional teaching methods are ruining the education system in Pakistan. The country is trying to replace these methods with the modern methods. In the past, Pakistan teaching styles have been focusing on the use children as the raw materials to be processed by the teachers. These teachers are considered to be technical and their main purpose is to fill knowledge to the students who are believed to have empty minds. The teaching styles used are more of teacher-centred and students rarely participate in the class discussion. Teachers speak in the classes without students being involved in the discussions. This makes classes boring since students are just there having no impact on the class discussion. These lectures are very long and dismal since one person, the teacher, is talking. In this teaching, teacher comes to class and asks a student to read a topic in a certain book and that is the end of the class discussion. This is very shallow since there is no discussion on the themes that the topic covered. The students are left to study on their own without any guidance from the teacher. Teachers do not explain anything to the students. This is considered as a wrong method of teaching. Furthermore, the students’ control is poor (Krishna, 2002 pp. 45). This problem of teaching students for the sake of passing exams is similar to the one the Indian teaching style is going through. India’s teaching style is more of exams and marks driven than knowledge gain. Students just study to pass their exams and to get good grades to push them to the other levels. It is not a must that these students gain the right knowledge that they can apply in their daily lives situations. One is considered skilful if he or she passed the exams and got good grades. This makes students to focus on the exams. Students do not read books they know they cannot be tested in the exams. Their minds are narrowed to passing the exams. This results to production of graduates who do not have skills to be used in the real world (Keay & Karve, 2004 pp.78). Teaching styles in Pakistan do not allow students to study for their own. Students are given fixed syllabuses and they cannot deviate from them. Teaching methodologies and timetables are also fixed. Students are required to follow all these rules (Keay & Karve, 2004 pp.78). Failure to adhere to them will make them fail the exams. Students should be allowed to study on their own at times since they will learn to work independently from the teachers. This skill will also enable them learn to work independently in future. This means that this teaching style is exams driven and students are required to follow the syllabus if they want to pass their exams. Indian teaching styles also lack creativity. There are many factors that cause this problem. One of the factors is that these styles lack scientific creativity. These teaching styles are fully theoretical. They lack practical parts. Science subjects are taught just ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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