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College Level Education Improves the Quality of Our Lives - Research Paper Example

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The paper "College Level Education Improves the Quality of Our Lives" discusses that when a student finds himself burdened with assignments, reports, case studies, homework, exams, tests and others, he learns that life is not a piece of cake and hardships are going to be at every step…
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College Level Education Improves the Quality of Our Lives
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Extract of sample "College Level Education Improves the Quality of Our Lives"

Download file to see previous pages A careful analysis of modern history would reveal that finding this key is not so troublesome. In fact, this paper is an attempt to prove that the point that higher-level education or college or university education is that magic factor.
The rest of this paper would be a series of arguments aimed at explaining why “College level education improves the quality of our lives by providing higher wages, better jobs, successful careers and advanced worldview”. The same would take place by presenting both sides of the pictures, using an informed debate with plenty of real-life examples to reinforce ideas. There would be a brief presentation of these ideas in terms of micro, personal or individual level and then the larger portion of the ink would aim at looking towards improvement in lives at a macro, societal or nationwide level.
The more you learn, the more you earn and do not be a fool, stay in school. Many proponents of the college education would use slogans like to tell students how important it is to take their school and college education very seriously. A research under the banner of Census of Population and Housing and US department Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs gathered data for years of 1980, 1998 and 2002 of employed adults over the ages of 25. The study found out that over all these years there has been a clear correlation between the educational levels and employment. More interesting, over the past years, this trend has further strengthened due to factors like increased competition and other global factors.
For example, in 1980, the employment rates of people that never attended any college had employment rates less than 43 per cent, however, people who did attend college and then held an associate degree, bachelor degree or a master degree had employment rates of 84, 86 and 85 per cent respectively.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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