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The Effect of Learing Styles With Young Learners - Research Paper Example

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Tgis paper talks that it is not necessary that a standardized learning style may suit all the people, irrespective of their intellectual level or grasping abilities. Different people may like different learning styles because of their individual differences. …
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The Effect of Learing Styles With Young Learners
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Learing Styles With Young Learners"

Download file to see previous pages This paper stresses that traditional methods of teaching never addressed the needs of each and every people in the class. The teacher often adopts a common strategy for everyone irrespective of whether the student is brilliant or not. The teacher never bothered about teaching individually. In the traditional methods of teaching, punishments were implemented as part of motivating the students. Traditional methods never focused in developing the skills of the students. It focused simply in injecting volumes of content into the minds of the students. In other words, traditional methods emphasized more on knowledge and understanding while avoiding the needs of application and the skill development. As per the current learning concepts, the curriculum is revolving around the student rather than the teacher. The needs of the students have given more priority in the current classroom teaching methods. Based on these changing concepts of learning, the learning styles were given more importance in the present curriculum.
This report makes a conclusion that learning styles have an important role in helping the student for proper learning. Different students may have different learning styles because of their individual differences due to heredity and environment. Instead of avoiding passive students, the teachers should try to understand the learning styles of each student and in order to teach them effectively and to make them active in the classroom. The teacher should adopt audio, video mediums along with kinesthetic and tactile mediums for making the learning meaningful. Meta cognitive system is more dominant compared to the cognitive system in the learning process and the teacher must realize it in order to devise effective teaching strategies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effect of Learing Styles With Young Learners Research Paper.
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