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Factors Effecting Students Selecting Private Colleges In Saudi Arabia - Essay Example

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This research study will try to examine why students make such a choice and what are the factors that are responsible for such outcomes. It is also proposed to provide recommendations in this study that could help to address the problems identified in this study. …
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Factors Effecting Students Selecting Private Colleges In Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages The research strategy proposed to be used in this study is survey questionnaires. There may be some problems associated with the qualitative interview method, involving a detailed structured or semi structured interview in the case of this particular study. For example, this method is likely to be time consuming when considered against the results sought to be achieved. The thrust of this study is to discover overall patterns within a large group of students/faculty within a limited time frame. A comprehensive literature review is to be taken up to provide the background material and the secondary data for this study. The primary data is collected from the questionnaire/survey, which is a favoured tool used in research because it can provide a cheap and effective method of collecting data in a structured and manageable way. The participants in this study would be about 250 students as well as faculty members, both from private as well as public colleges.
This report makes a conclusion that the economies of the Middle East play a very important role in the world economy because they are large scale producers of oil and this is especially true in the case of Saudi Arabia. In view of the initiatives that have been actively implemented by the Government to promote education in the nation, the problem of why students are opting for private colleges becomes important. This study may help to shed a considerable amount of light on why students are making such choices and pave the way for future research into this issue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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