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Outline and discuss the different kinds of barriers to learning and participation faced by disabled children and young people wi - Essay Example

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Education is the most important thing in the world as of the current times. There is no single person who can live without education today. All employers require people to have at least some basic education. The people with disabilities have also come to appreciate this fact and are going to school…
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Outline and discuss the different kinds of barriers to learning and participation faced by disabled children and young people wi
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Extract of sample "Outline and discuss the different kinds of barriers to learning and participation faced by disabled children and young people wi"

Download file to see previous pages However, there are calls to improve the deaf education by addressing the various challenges deaf children and young people come across. Schools, governments and the society have working towards better deaf education in most countries. The deaf education has been improving over the years, but the challenges are still there for deaf children and young adults in their quest for education, and only time will tell whether the current calls for more improvement and addressing challenges will be successful in making their education even better. The deaf education can be credited to an Italian physician, Geronimo Cardano who was born in the 16th century in Milan Italy. Geronimo claimed that the deaf were as smart as the hearing people only that they could not communicate with the others. He proposed that the deaf be taught just like the hearing people. Rather than normal communication, Geronimo proposed that the deaf be taught to use symbols and signs as a way of communicating their feelings to the others. This proposal was well taken by Juan Pablo de Bonet who created the first ever sign language book in 1620. This made the deaf education to spread fast across France leading to the establishment of the first deaf education school by Charles Michel de L’Eppe. ...
Deaf people continued to be taught how to communicate to the rest of the society using this sign language. This has continued to the current times. School, colleges, experts and government alike have started appreciating that deaf education is important to the people with hearing problems. Parents with deaf children are advised to take their children to these special schools (Winzer and Mazurek, 2000). Though deaf education is yet to be like main stream education, at least there are some improvements. There have been significant events in history that have really impacted the deaf education. They are; Abraham Lincoln signing in to law the enabling act which was meant to improve education of the deaf. This was followed by the opening of the National College for the deaf and dumb in 1864. The invention of the electrical hearing aid in 1892 to allow the deaf to communicate with the other people in the society, phone for the deaf invented in 1964 and the signing of the disabilities act into law which was meant to ensure that the disabled have right to education, employment and equality (Rotatori, Obiakor and Bakken, 2011). Lack of enough funding for deaf education is the great threat to the deaf people. A cross check in several countries shows that deaf schools are closing. According to the National Association of the deaf, most states in the United States are cutting funding for deaf education. Most of the national and state governments across the world are focusing on cutting their expenses. They are removing what they deem not necessary as the world has been a recession. Deaf education programs are some of the items that are not a priority for most governments. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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