Theoretical Perspectives On Inclusive And Special Education - Assignment Example

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This essay talks that education plays vital part in the life of every individual. It is a critical aspect which determines the quality of life of a person. Due to this reason, education must be accessible to everyone and when necessary support must be available to assist students to overcome…
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Theoretical Perspectives On Inclusive And Special Education
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Download file to see previous pages These learning difficulties resulted in the development of special education and special schools. There are several learning difficulties a learner can have which can negatively impact on the reading, speaking and writing skill. These difficulties of children facilitated development of certain provisions and helped to classify children into ‘special’ category. The key thought of special education is that children with learning difficulties can learn more effectively in special schools. However, it has not been evidently found that the learners obtaining education are performing better. There are increasing evidences that very few number of children return to the mainstream schools after entering in the special school. Hence, in order to deal with the educational problem of disabled students, several educationalists have started to argue for educational inclusion (Hamill & Clark, 2005). Inclusive Education The principle of inclusion focuses on active involvement of every child in education. Inclusion considers the diversity of every child and admits that each child is a contributor to the society, irrespective of the capabilities. According to United Nations Convention on the “Rights of Persons with Disability”, every child with special requirements has equal rights and liberty similar to another child. Furthermore, United Nations Convention also stated that every child has fundamental rights to education and to involve completely in society (United Nations, 2007). Inclusive education is a practice which ensures that each child upsurges to the fullest potential while certifying the uniqueness. Inclusive education is a structure which supports and accommodates miscellaneous requirements and capabilities for all children in a distinctive...
This report approves that there is a need for providing appropriate physical setting so that adaptations of children towards new educational system become easier. Furthermore, teachers and other senior executives of schools must ensure that they have adequate time for leading and handling provisions for children with special education requirements. Besides, the schools with special education must have the capacity to operate effectively without providing excessive stress on existing teachers. In order to enhance the capacity of schools for providing education, the number of teachers can be increased so that they can satisfy the growing demand of education
This paper makes a conclusion that education is a right for every individual irrespective of any kind of learning difficulties. Considering this factor in mind, the special education and inclusion has been developed by several nations. In this context, it has been observed that Scotland and Greece have their own individuality with respect to special education and inclusion. However, both the nations have faced significant issues due to the implementation of special educational programs and inclusion programs. The above implications would be helpful for schools and teachers to provide education to all children. In conclusion, it can be stated that it is the responsibility of the society to accept and prepare all individuals by providing proper education. Thus, special education and inclusion must be developed in such a way so that it can help to fulfil the educational requirements of all children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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