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Understanding Inclusive Education - Essay Example

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This paper explores what inclusive education is. Inclusive perspective is one in which there is no intention to leave out any important person while making efforts to reach a certain milestone. Inclusive perspective is based on collaborative effort, in which everybody plays his role in attainment of a goal. …
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Understanding Inclusive Education
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Extract of sample "Understanding Inclusive Education"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, according to Ferguson, the biggest challenge of the time is to have learning opportunities available to every one and all the time, no matter where the learner resides and what kind of physical fitness he possesses. Thomazet (2009) discusses, in his research, the important of inclusive education. According to him, inclusive education means providing learning opportunities to students with special needs in ordinary institutes. He asserts that inclusive education tends to integrate such differentiating practices that “allow children and adolescents, whatever their difficulties or disabilities, to find in an ordinary school an educational response, appropriate in its aims and means, in ways that do not differentiate between them and the other pupils of the school” (2009: 563). Such practices make the school inclusive, and benefit the students in a myriad of ways. All special needs are catered to, as the school and the educators take the responsibility of including the student in every activity and learning process. Inclusiveness is the next step to integration, states Thomazet (2009). Forlin et al. (2009) conducted a research regarding demographic differences in changing pre?service teachers’ attitudes, sentiments and concerns about inclusive education. The researchers conducted their study on an international data set of 603 pre?service teachers to determine how their demographics changed their attitudes toward inclusive education, and found that inclusive classrooms have raised the need for teachers of regular schools to get prepared to teach diverse student population. The researchers emphasized the importance of teacher training, because they thought that teachers were the primary initiators of inclusive educators. According to them, it is...
This paper approves that dyslexia is a learning disability, and teaching dyslexic children in mainstream schools involves specially designed teaching strategies. It is important to understand the problems of such children in classroom, in order to plan lessons accordingly. Such children with special needs require special support with their learning styles.
This essay makes a conclusion that it must be said that children with special needs require the same level of attention, or perhaps even more, as their normal peers. They must be given the same level of educational services, and must be provided necessary modification in their instructional process, so that their learning may be enhanced. Including children with special needs or with learning/physical disabilities in learning and performing in classrooms can be a very challenging task for teachers. It is crucially important to encourage inclusive education, in which the classroom is converted into such a learning environment where students with special needs are encouraged to learn and develop self-confidence, without having to face ridicule. Holistic environment in classroom setting and learning style assessment are the most important inclusive practices that must be ensured in order to provide equal learning opportunities to students belonging to all age and capability categories. In short, this paper pondered upon the concept of inclusive education in great detail, and focused on the fact that inclusive education must be ensured in order to improve the level of education of a country. This paper can prove to be very helpful as a guide toward inclusive education for educators, students, and parents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "Understanding Inclusive Education" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of first sentence was valuable.

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